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    I've followed the advice in taking cold showers and I have to admit, it works wonders! I love cold showers! But alas, there's more in terms of improvement. One of the recommendations of course is exercise and I've heard it before (do push-ups), and it is a highly suggested recommendation in the book "Your Brain on Porn" by Gary Wilson.
    I do not like gyms. I am not into weights and I do not care for such a setting for self-improvement. It's not that I'm only uncomfortable (as lots of people struggle with self-conscientiousness) but I just don't like them in general. If it's exercising, my favorite thing to do is go for a walk, but that is too leisure. So the next thing would be running.
    I used to run a lot when I was younger for the sake of obtaining some exercise. But now, I need a better hand at staying committed to my exercising. When was the last time I ran? A month ago, I went running. I am in Klagenfurt, Austria as an exchange student and I ran for about two miles. I stopped partially, as I my body was not used to it. I had to get back into shape. I was intending on it to become a habitual thing. But like I said, it was a month ago, and it kind of shows what mode I am; I haven't been too serious lately about a lot of things. But I'm in the dumps right now and I need something to put my brain back on the right track. The only thing is, I need to stay committed. I need to keep doing it.
    Does any one have suggestions for this sort of thing?
    I need to run a lot and I want to stick to it, but I'm afraid I am not motivated too terribly.
    My fellow nofappers--any suggestions?
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    Can anyone tell me their own success stories that have to deal with exercising? Tell me, please, what did it do for you guys?
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    Figure out what you enjoy doing, and slowly build up.
    I enjoy calisthenics, so that's what I've been doing. I started with push ups, pull ups, and dips and I slowly added more variations and more exercises.
    Even exercising once a week is fine to start
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    Bodybuilder here
    If you like running then go for it, no doubt you will loss some weight and make some muscular improvements but before we talk about that you should take a good hard look at what your eating. Is it a correct diet? Educate yourself on what you should a should not eat. If you really want to see improvements cut processed foods has much has possible go for the wholesome foods instead, trust me this a major game changer.
    In your training and in with your diet you need to be consistent. Being consistent will make you or break you when it comes to achieving your true potential.
    This needs to go beyond motivation HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve what you truly want?
    Motivate yourself and if its hard for you do to it alone maybe find people who also run. Having a parter makes a huge difference you will motivate him and he will motivate you back.
    There are also alot of other physical activities besides a gym out there, why not go learn to swim in a pool? Learn a martial art? a cycling class? Maybe yoga? Why not there all physical activities and you have the added benefit to meet new people and that will open a new world of possibilities for you.
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    I'm a runner. To keep things interesting, vary the places you run and also try meetup groups for running. I would also suggest entering some local races like 10K's up to full marathons. Having a goal race should motivate you to train consistently and well so that you can accomplish your PR for the races.
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    Great, I went to university in Austria, too. :D

    What helped me to start running was making it easier start and harder to resist. What worked for me to get started was one thing: I placed my running clothes and shoes right next to the bed. Next to it I put a note saying that today I at least put on running clothes and take a step outside the door. After completing that task I can decide to start running or go to bed again. And I never went to bed again.
    I started by just running one kilometer. extended this after 1 week; and so on....

    The same for fitness: It was really hard for me to start doing fitness at home. But I just saw as an experiment: Just do fitness for one week. Afterwards you can stop again.

    After you establish a regular routine its much harder to NOT go running than go running. :D
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    Get a vision of what you want. Set goals to get there. Track progress. That’s it.
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    Well exercise is like a chore which never seems to entertain me the only time I do exercise now is when I am angry. Rest for the sake of calmness I do yoga sounds girly but works it just do wonders and leave me feeling nice and happy. Start with yoga with Adrienne beginners videos you will love to do yoga.
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    Sport is great to get the blood and endorphins flowing. My personal experience with sports was to wake up at 5.30 and do it first thing in the morning. I would usually run 40-60min every other day, and the next day I would do an intensive bodyweight workout. Motivation is nice to start, but unless you make a committment and build that habit there is little chance that you will stick to it. And as others pointed out, it should be an activity you enjoy.
    One more tip: take pictures of your body every few weeks, it's good for motivation.
  11. Fill a backpack with weights to make it harder. This helps a bit with strength, too, not just cardio. If you can't get weights, fill some bags with sand or just fill it with heavy things you have lying around the house. I do this occasionally with a container of kitty litter. You could also buy those weights that strap onto your ankles and wrists or a weighted vest. You could also try walking in places where it's more difficult, like places with lots of hills.
  12. You have to just force yourself to and don't introduce emotion, talking yourself out of it. Once you're done, you will feel way better. The hardest part is just leaving the house. It only sucks when you first start, the best is when you finally see your progress paying off. I've been forcing myself to lift weights for a few months now and I was starting to stop caring. I helped a buddy of mine move into his apartment and it was crazy to see how much stronger I've gotten. I was pretty winded, going up and down the stairs, though. I need to start doing more cardio.
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    I like your ideas. I was intimidated to go to the gym myself I just had expectations that were way lower than the gym. I originally started by switching porn for body building videos anything that would build my self esteem. Then I put 2 dumbbells in my home office. When I have an urge I pick it up and try to remember how I want my body to look like in the future. When the urge pases I drop the weight.

    I can’t run without a ball being involved ... so I found pick up games and leagues for soccer. A little competition helps a lot. It’s helped a lot. I eventually had enough self respect to look for a accountability site and find NoFap.

    Keep posting. Want to hear your progress.
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    Today, I've found the solution!
    I bought a bike here! And I learned today that bike is spelled: F-R-E-E-D-O-M.
    This is a nice form of exercising.
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