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    Day 8 recovery is starting to become a reality , if I can learn to be more present and not multi task or have to many things on my plate at once . I call it multi task I become stressed , and goals clash with each other , I find my self worrying if I will miss out on one task because another task is over riding it . I got an insight yesterday a sign from my angels .. I lost my wallet don't worry I cancelled all my cards and went to the dmv already, the message was slow my roll , and pay attention to my surroundings. The message is saying I believe to stay focused on one thig until its done and move on that is something I will have to master because when I do get stressed and over whelmed guess what I want to do ?? watch some porn de stress . This is my number one problem staying in the moment is what my therapist would call it being present . I had a hard time doing that I liked to think of the future fears, worry , and past how much I wasted time etc . The book the power of now was highly recommended by my therapist and he would say things like tomorrow doesn't exist ! Its a super powerful idea to be present and will work on staying in the moment possibly doing future sessions. But staying in the moment is the key idea here would like to get some feed back on mulit tasking overthinking stressed and being present ,
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    You might find this interesting:

    Edit: This one on the book itself, the not-so-present present:

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    A simple technique that is helpful to bring me back into the moment and calm the mind is to concentrate on something physical. It could be the how the air feels, hot, cold, humid, or dry. It could be paying attention to the water on my body when I shower. It could be how food tastes. When we focus our mind on something physical it puts us in the moment. This calms the mind which helps us to be more focused.
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