Steam Visual Novels (Trigger forewarned?)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by bandanana, Sep 25, 2015.

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    A lot of my triggers (and my resets) occur when I come across the visual novels in Steam. For those who don't know - and to save everyone the risk of looking it up - a visual novel is a story-based 'game'.

    You essentially read through dialogue, and then somewhere in the middle you get options, and the tally of your options will lead you to a certain ending. It's like an adventure game, but with 98% dialogue and pictures (and fan-service and PMO and etc...) Heck, some visual novels don't even have options so you're essentially reading visual erotica.

    I find this concerning, frankly for my own sake, and for everyone else playing. Steam has a demographic of young people too, so having them accidentally exposed to it could, well, lead to where we all are now. I understand there are rated 18+ games in Steam such as GTA, Elder Scrolls and other stuff, but I don't think these games are necessarily 'gateway-games' to hentai or porn. Or at least, not in the same sense as the Steam visual novels. Triple A games don't usually have 'uncensored' versions that they provide for one system and 'censored' for the other.
    Unless you add mods, the game you get is what the game is, no matter what research you conduct. However, if a random teen plays a 'censored' visual novel, enjoys it, then proceeds to look it up online for reviews or something, he's going to find the sensual truth that the game has the ZOMG XXX UNCENSORED ORIGINAL VERSHUN. It's as if the visual novel-developers WANT to introduce you to the genre (I think I read an article saying that that was actually their intention).

    The 'encounter' of the uncensored visual novel is what scares me. And it just pisses me off that all these dumb games keep triggering me on Steam when I'm browsing for games. Seriously, I just want my chastity with me when I'm gaming, is that so much to ask?
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    As this is a continual trigger for you, you need to remove it from your life. Sacrifice this type of gaming and stop PMOing.
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    Hey there OP, I used to play Visual Novels (VNs), mostly Japanese ones though so I wouldn't know about the ones on Steam. Some of them are pretty well done with great stories barring of course certain scenes that can be trigger certain people. I've only seen one VN so far with uncensored scenes, but the context of the scenes made me anything but aroused. Most Japanese visual novels always have triggers, cause apparently it seems to be a thing for VNs over there.

    If VNs trigger you that much then I agree with @IGY, you need to stay away from them. Perhaps you could go back to them once you have fully rebooted, staying away from triggers and edging. Note that Visual Novels aren't the only games out there brother, you could always play fun games which have little to no triggers for you.
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    When I was a kid I used to fap to the female characters in comics and disney movies, I think triggers are everywhere, its difficult to remove all of them fully.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the responses. But I don't think I mentioned that particular part; I don't play VN's.

    For my situation, I come across the game of the genre on Steam, I click on it, get 'intrigued' by the visuals, and then my curiosity ensues. I then proceed to look it up online, then one thing leads to another (first the plot, then the pictures...), I've PMO'd. I've only tried it once, but that's exactly before I joined NoFap (It was the catalyst for my membership, in fact).

    @gtstop To be fair, I think you're right. I recall being aroused by animated characters before, so triggers have been around even before discovering hentai.
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    Essentially, the advice is the same. Whatever does it for you is something to avoid. For example, if someone had a leather fetish, it would be unwise to surf leather websites featuring bona fide leather goods. There is nothing objectionable in the content, but to a fetishist, the hard wired synapses would inevitably lead to images of sexy people clad in the stuff. You have to draw a line before a possible trigger occurs.
  7. I just think, hope, one thousand years from now, when the species, the human race, has studied this problem, it will be taught in school, it will be recognized, and warded against; that being that High Speed Internet Porn, or whatever, God forbid, has come to replace it by then (direct, wired, neurological stimulation?) can, by setting off certain brain reactions that have evolved to encourage searching for and being fascinated by sex, become addictive.

    Totally off topic, here is an interesting article discussing "wireheads", fictional addicts to directly wired pleasure sensations.

    See, ban, the problem for you, from your personal and highly subjective position, looks like Steam Visual Novels, but that is just a trigger, a passageway, a method, a means, a mechanism, a button you push, to get you to your real problem: the ability, via the net, to search for endlessly novel, ever available, artificial sexual stimulation, leading to a dopamine high, over and over and over again. The mechanism, the "type" we all use may be a bit different for many of us, but it all leads to the same, core, problem: artificially induced dopamine addiction. The solution for you is the same solution all of us have. If it triggers, abandon it. Try reading a real novel that has no triggers. Will this be boring to you? Initially, yes, because it will not trigger the thing that makes Steam interesting to you, a gratuitous dopamine high. But then again, that is the solution to the problem: quit using artificial sexual stimulation to give yourself a dopamine high. That is the alpha and omega of both the problem and the solution to the problem. There is a reason Steam Novels put those visuals in the games--though they may not expressly recognize it--it gives the viewer a dopamine high, which makes it interesting to the viewer. For a guy in recovery, that must be recognized and avoided.

    That's my ten cents, my two cents is free.

    Much love.

    Will I AM.

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