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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Ace-36, May 14, 2022.

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    So I haven’t been on here in a while because I thought I was doing better but that was just a lie I told myself. I have a very serious addiction and please forgive me for being so open but I just want to be honest with someone about this and get it off my chest and not feel alone with this anymore. My porn addiction has been this way since I first started watching porn when I was maybe 9-10 yrs old. Since then I’ve been a true addict even turning to it over the far and few in between opportunities to hook up with women. I know I don’t have a problem with MO because I can go without it for good stretches of time but when it come to avoiding porn I simply can’t find a way to do it. I recently realized that even though I have done good stretches without watching that I’ve fallen back into the habit again because I find myself fantasizing and even briefly viewing it at work and given my type of job is very dangerous if my focus is divided. The thing I notice when I’m not watching or if I’ve gone a while without watching is that I keep having a fear of missing out. What if a new scene I would enjoy is out or if my favorite girl puts out new content ( I forgot to mention I’ve started watching cam girls again even more recently even though I managed to break free from it for a while). It takes over my mind and I have the urge to drop or stop whatever is going on and I mean sometimes like seriously whatever could be happening even if I’m in bed with my girlfriend and go check all my go to sites. This I hope I’m not missing out on anything feeling is killing me and it’s causing me to start trying to watch porn in risky places and at risky times. I just don’t know what to do and how to beat this. Somebody please tell me what would help or a good course of action. Thanks
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    Ace — Camera models are very addictive. I have been working at staying away from my model for several months. (See my journal button under my avatar.) It requires dedication and, at least in my case, a lot of prayer, but this can be beat.
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    Practical suggestions. Change your passwords on those sites to long random strings that you don’t write down. Change your email addresses on those sites to throw-away accounts.
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    instead of having fear of missing out on whatever your addict has tricked you to believe, you need to distort this into fear of losing your gf if you keep up the addict part of you behavior. Nofap isn't a lie. Your life can only improve staying sober. Don't let your addict get the best of you!
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    Can relate to your post on FOMO. As addicts we're always on look out for new viewings, that " perfect " scene that you have been eternally searching for. For years I have promised myself, that once I viewed this elusive scene my thirst for pmo will be quenched forever. But guess what ?- as you can attest to- that " perfect " scene is replaced by another and another and.....
    Obviously, I won't pretend that I know the magic bullet Ace-36 ( can't hide, with a profile like mine,lol..) But the mere fact that you question this FOMO, is a giant step in the right direction for you with the added advantage that time is on your side. Stay strong...

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