still no big progress in my sex problems

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by VIXU, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. VIXU

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    Im on nofap since like 30-32 days. I dont know why, but I still cant really get it up. I didnt watch porn in my abstinence I think only 2 times just to see if my reaction got more intense. It did tbh.

    But Im still having struggle to get him up while im intimate with a girl. Hes up at the first 2-3 min. but then drops and wont get up. Any Idea?

    I will still continue with nofap/not using porn till I had Sex or even further but its pretty frustrating and I dont know what else I can do.

    before nofap he didnt get up at all so I guess there is some kind of progress which I shouldnt overlook
  2. learning

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    You could check with a doctor. Maybe your problem is more physical than psychological.

    There are also over-the-counter ED supplements.

    If porn prevents you from having ED then I suppose it is porn that is the problem. But if you have ED while watching porn too then it might be a medical thing.
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  3. MarioCorrelos

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    Trust the process, depending on the time you've been on PMO 30 days is a short and insufficient lapse of time. Keep going, I wish you strength and luck.
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  4. dre.spla

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    Everyone flatlines for different amounts of time - I think you're still in flatline. How are you now, a few weeks after the initial post?
  5. Mortal313

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    Same thing happening to me I'm M23 it's my day 65 still my ED isn't cured moreover i don't have any physical problem
    I don't even know is it PIED or something else... After one month of NoFap i was getting Morning Wood (just 30 or 40% erection) sometimes i get MW sometimes not...
    There is No random erections All day ( currently i have 0% physical activity)
    Should i go for 6 months of NoFap or what??
  6. Daxos

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    30-32 days is waaaaay too short man. Most guys with PIED only see improvements after about day 40-50 or something. Some guys even needed more than 60 days to get their morning wood back. Some were a lot faster, but most guys with PIED need much longer than 30 days. Most guys enter a flatline around day 30. So the fact that you are not seeing many changes yet, is simply what was expected. Studies show that the compound Delta-Fos-B that accumulates with addictions, only starts to break down after about 42 days of abstinence. You are not even on that number yet.

    In short, nothing to worry about. You are not even close to day 90. If you haven't seen improvements by day 60, contact us again and explain how well your NoFap journey was going and how faithful you were to the challenge
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