"Stop PMO September" 2017. Keep on rebooting. Official PMO-free accountability thread.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Administrator Account, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. TMax84T

    TMax84T Fapstronaut

    Was missing in action but after a recent failure, I'm now back in the game.

    Let's do this!!

    NoFap for Sept 2017

    One step at a time.
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  2. ottisgone

    ottisgone Fapstronaut

    Jumping in.
    Day 5 - Signs and choices of relapse are all there. Depression. Darkness. Isolating myself. Working on my computer at home to "catch up on work". Anger towards my wife and her choices to destroy marriage. Wanting to feel something besides "down" and the constant weight on me.

    Oh yeah, all the signs are there
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  3. TMax84T

    TMax84T Fapstronaut

    Hang in there @ottisgone

    Seek and never give up on the positivity we can create in our lives.

    “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
    — Lyndon B. Johnson
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  4. Ayjaydubya

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  5. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Welcome to NoFap!
  6. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Best wishes on your goals.
  7. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Welcome to NoFap. Relapses are tough, but keep on keeping on!
  8. MonkeyPuzzle

    MonkeyPuzzle Fapstronaut

    How's everyone doing? Still on track here.. just about.
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  9. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Congrats on 75--WOW! Great streak.
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  10. t8031t

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  11. JohnPaulGeorgeRingo

    JohnPaulGeorgeRingo Fapstronaut

  12. Hey Ayjaydubya, thank you so much. It was really difficult for me but finally after a mental shift I managed to make this happen. You can read my progress in my logs if you'd like to know more. Let's do this together my friend :)
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  13. ValueLiberty

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  14. User047

    User047 Fapstronaut

    Having a difficult period right now. My brain keeps telling me how great it is to masturbate.
    I know those thoughts are garbage and I won't relapse.
    But isn't it amazing how easily we can forget about everything when we are having a strong urges?

    I know for a fact that masturbation is not so great like my brain is trying to tell me right now.
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  15. MonkeyPuzzle

    MonkeyPuzzle Fapstronaut

    I'm feeling you, had crazy urges this afternoon and couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm determined to resist though, and will continue to rationalise and remind myself why I'm doing this.
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  16. Buddhabro

    Buddhabro Fapstronaut

    I wanted to post an update, along with a simple thought.
    So, I realized that I was halfway through September and felt a mix of emotions.
    "Halfway there", seems both good and bad... like the glass half-full/ half-empty, but more profound for us fapstronauts (and femstronauts).
    Since none of us know what, or when to expect the results of a reboot it occurs in a strange place in time, and our perception of reality.
    Perception is like a broad band variable, going up, down, around in every possible direction (like everyone's rebooting experience) and perfectly suited to each individual.
    The "what" of anyone's reboot is unique...e.g. the substance, nature, progress/regress's, stages...etc., but time is different.
    In the case of rebooting and recovery from PMO addiction, the old adage "Time heals all wounds", is especially true.
    Somewhat more quantitative and measurable, time is useful to the recovering addict, yet it is like the Achilles heel of recovery. It's made more confusing by the perception of time. Whatever it is at the moment, I surmised that it's better to approach it (rebooting and recovering from PMO addiction) as thinking as oneself being half-way there.
    I'm happy to think that I am half-way there everyday, all day.
    Don't throw it all away with a relapse.
    I'm 117 days in, and I don't know when I will feel "healed", but I guess I would rather be halfway through it than not.
    Say no to PMO!
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  17. I accepted this challenge for 90 days
    I want to bring back my lost self-esteem and self-motivation
    I use this to teach myself and focus on outside activities. Also used to prepare myself for social and business communication
  18. Ooops, I relapsed. Try again (reset to day 0)
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  19. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Stay strong, we do this together.

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