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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mkngitwrk, Apr 11, 2018.

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    I have read many say that meditation is great and it works...but how do you quiet the mind? As soon as I am alone and have the space and time to try this method my brain starts to race and go ranting everywhere but quiet. I guess I have way to many preoccupations on the mind to focus on being mindful. I have intense dialogue going on in my head about how someone acted/reacted to me, how am I going to stay PM free, how am I going to avoid temptations and how am I not changing one habit/addiction for another. I have so many insecurities, self-doubts, self-esteem and body shame issues. the list goes on and on. I am tackling one item on my list, PM, and trying to add another, obsessiveness. So far I have been successful in staying PM free and hope and pray that I will stay the path and keep on track to being PM free for life.
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    Don't try to be good at meditation, that is not the intention or the point of meditation. There is no result to aim for or goal to reach.
    Simply keep coming back to your breath, if you do that a thousand times or twice, then that is what it is. Just be as present as you can.:emoji_pensive:
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    As I have understood meditation, (there are many different kinds) I sit and focus on the feeling of my breath in and out. of course thoughts will come up and your mind goes crazy!, whenever you realise you're not focusing anymore, simply go back to focusing on breath or whatever you choose. when you do so the whole time you've been meditating. BUT if you do not go back to focusing when you realise you're not focusing, you have broken the cycle and stopped the meditation.

    Thoughts will come, you are working through them during meditation, beating yourself up for thinking too much while meditation is of no use, just let whatever happens be okey.
    I will be uncomfortable at times, you'd want to jump up and run away, but at this time it's important to just sit for a little while longer until you feel better or you will carry this uneasy feeling with you the entire day.

    If you put an alarm at 5 minutes because that's the time you want to meditate, if you feel uneasy still sit for a little while longer as mentioned before. 1-2 more minutes won't ruin your whole day :)
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    Thanks. I will try. Baby steps.
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    Today i was able to get some quiet time and felt relaxed. I figured that when i am really stressed and dealing with lots of shit in my life I can't stay focused and my mind goes wild.
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    I totally understand. I've been meditating daily for quite awhile, and the squirrels in the mind still like to grind their paws to bloody nubs by how much they get going!! Totally agree with the sentiment that we're becoming more aware of the mind; it's not that there's something wrong. Pretty much everybody experiences this with meditation. It's normal. Good news is, with time and patience it gets better. Just don't give up, try to do a little bit each day, and keep at it, keep trying to come back to the present moment throughout the day. From time to time, you can say to your mind,"Thanks for sharing." You can do this, don't give up!

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