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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Mr.Monkey, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Hi everyone, im new here, I'm a 21 years old guy, i have been trying to quit my addiction for a year but i always failed. I manged to go for 2 months without pprn but in the end i always relapsed, right now i'm in a two weeks streak. My main problem is always been my way of think about girls, wherever i go out with friends or when i go somewhere I'm always looking for meeting a girl, i have always wanted to have a relationship becouse i always thought that it would have solved all my problems and it would have allowed me to live happy. I always feel jelous about other guys of my age becouse their dating and having while im not, i just would like to be like everyone, i just would like to be appreciated. I'm always been concerned about my look and i've never found myself attractive, even now, i just want to live happy and stop caring about all this toxic stuff. Sorry for the lomg post and for my English, i'm italian so I'm trying to learn it.
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  2. Hello and welcome! :)

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    You're 21 so at that age a lot of men are looking for women. Don't fight the urge directly, but focus on self improvement like working out or an activity you enjoy. You can still enjoy the company of women. What discipline will you be imposing on yourself? For example, is your goal not to look at porn at all? Will sex with a woman be okay? Set clearly defined goals and boundaries so you can properly measure what success is for you. Don't get into a situation and have to ask others whether the situation was a success or failure. Stay strong buddy
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