Stopping Anime during Nofap ?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Hi !

    I'm a big fan of anime, but in anime, there is not especially sexual scene but some times, there is some middle nudity. My favorites anime are One piece and Jojo bizzare adventure (So, no hentai or ecchi). My question is, should I stop watching anime during my recovery or should I deal with ?
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    I was having increasing difficulties with ...the other sort of anime, so I quit it altogether. I'd rather give it up than risk my nofap progress :p It's not exactly a vital thing in life :D
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    No need to quit anime entirely. Would be good to have a friend who also watches anime. You could ask him whether some anime you are interested in cointains sexual scenes or not. Maybe some animes also have a rating system, I don't know anime too well.
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    Depends on your addiction. Watching 'safe' anime stimulated my memories of the.....not safe stuff, and I'd get a bit hornier with every episode, till the inevitable reset :/ But that's my case, it's likely different for others
  5. Does the nudity in anime give you urges? If it doesn't, I don't really see the harm in watching one episode a day or something. This is more something only you can answer and is more subjective.

    Some folks say that when rebooting, you must avoid all sexual content, even if it's only a bit. I say avoid things that definitely give you urges and unwanted thoughts. If there is some form of sexual content that does not accomplish this and you have no qualms watching it, I don't see the harm.

    A lot of streaming websites have tags that tell you what kind of content the anime itself contains.

    It is different for others. For me, animated content literally does absolutely nothing for me. I don't make a habit out of watching hentais, of course, but if I were to look one up right now, the pornographic ads featuring real people would trigger me, not the animated chick with barely any detail on her face.
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    Most of anime is sexualized. Not overtly, but sexualized nonetheless.
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