Stopping Negative Thoughts and cutting Negative People Lose

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Plaximos, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Hey NoFap, Plaximos here again.

    I wanted to briefly talk about negative thoughts. I think negative thinking is the worst. I see men and women both constantly criticize themselves on a regular basis for the most smallest things. I see a women say her nose is ugly when in reality she is beautiful or a man say he is real fat when in reality, he is not. I know with PMO it makes you feel so shitty and unlovable by anyone or society and more like a monster in some dirty closet. I totally get that. I honestly think we need to watch our thoughts that come into our mind and be aware of the reality of those thoughts. For example if someone says you weird, instead of getting hurt over it and thinking your weird. Own up to that shit and just be like yeah i'm weird, we all are. I think negative thoughts can really fuck your mind up but by allowing yourself to think positive and curbing those thoughts I feel can really drastically change outlook!
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    Yep, exactly! Negativity is abundant, which is why most can't really get a grasp on its existence. It's so deeply ingrained both in our biology, that there's really not much education needs to do to reinforce it - yet they do it anyway, and vehemently (education not just being school, but anywhere where society and communication happen).

    As emotions play a key role to humans' decisions, it's obvious how good feelings can suggest good paths, while not-so-resourceful states can lead to not-so-well-advised action... It takes training to take charge of how our inner world responds, but it's definitely worth it!

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