Stopping Sweets - any ideas?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am having a hard time limiting the amount of sweets I eat.

    It wouldn't even be so bad if I would eat 30g of sugar through sweets a day, but when I loose it I eat just much too much. Last time I ate sweets with the equivalent of 220g of sugar - in 2 hours. That's the amount you get from half a kg of chocolate (5 bars!). Whenever I have these cravings I just want to stuff the sweets in my mouth, I don't even care about the taste much. It's sort of a circle of self-destructive behaviour, where hate myself for eating it and then stuffing more into me, to destroy me more.

    I would rather stop eating sweets for the rest of my life than having more of these days. I feel so anxious, on the edge, so unwell for the whole day whenever I do that.

    So guys, do you have ideas that I can implement to stop myself from eating so much?
    I tried to completely 'abstain', but as you might know from PMOing doing streaks is hard and relapses plenty.
    I tried to limit it on every second day, but that often lead to relapse aswell.

    Did you struggle with this aswell, do you have any tipps for me?

    (on a side note: funnily I don't have concerns about my weight, I am rather slim. It is even so that when I eat a lot of sugar I rather loose weight than gain weight. But I still can feel how damaging the sugar is to my body and brain)
  2. ItsSeal

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    Drink a lot of water. It makes you feel less hungry. Maybe eat a good breakfast, lunch & dinner every day. If you live on your own, dont buy any sugar products in the supermarket. If you have nothing in your house you also cant eat it.
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  3. Yes it’s a struggle for me.

    Here’s some suggestions:

    -Go to the grocery store with a list and stick to it. (Of course leave sweets off the list).

    -When you go to the grocery store make sure you eat first. Never go to the grocery store hungry. If you’re full you’re less likely to buy items you don’t need.

    -Consider the taper off method. I dropped cakes first, then pies, and ice cream after that. Ice cream was hard to let go of but now I’m in the habit of avoiding it. Also my favorite ice cream (Tillamook) went up in price, more incentive to stay away.

    Chocolate and soda I occasionally give in to still but have reduced intake quite a bit.

    Good luck! I’ve lost weight since I’ve stopped having deserts as my main meals.
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  4. ItsSeal

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    If you live with other people in the same house, you can discus this also with them! Mostly people are willing to help your battle and you can make like little rules to not buy any bad products. If you explain the negative effects of sugar, you can maybe even confinced them of also getting a healtier lifestyle! Its worth it!!
  5. Nicko Stretch

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    Find something non sweet to eat when you get the cravings. I eat a lot of nuts when I get sugar cravings. Keep hydrated - dehydration can lead to cravings. Be aware tiredness can cause cravings.
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  6. Also feeling depressed.

    There’s been numerous times over the years I felt bummed out and said to myself F-it, I’m buying a half gallon of ice cream and going to eat as much as I can in order to feel better.

    I’d feel great as I ate but felt like crap afterwards.

    So beware of that as well.
  7. Try to find out why you are addicted to sugar.
    Normally it's just another way to fill the inner emptiness/loneliness.
    It may help to write of your chest on a daily base or maybe talk to somebody in real life.
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  8. DerSchütze

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    Stop buying sweets, seriously, it's the best way to do it. I wish porn was like food, a physical item that you had to buy, 75% of us wouldn't be here. Throw out simple carbs also, such as white bread, pasta, chips, crackers. Start buying whole wheat everything.
  9. Informius I love your avatar.

    Did you make that? :)

    Far as stopping sweets I dont have a clue. Love sweets myself
  10. lolos

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    Meditation. I used to have this same problem. I don't know if you experience this but a lot of the time I would get the urge to eat the sweet then start eating the sweet before I was even aware of what I was doing, it was like I was on autopilot. Meditation will allow you to be more aware of your urges and actions. This makes them easier to resist. You will also be more aware of things that trigger urges.
  11. thanks @Hold it in ! No, I didn't made it myself, I got it in a small giftshop somewhere deep in Thailand :D
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  12. Thanks @lolos ! I have started to meditate roughly half a year ago and I must say that I slacked off the last month. I completely understand you on what you say with 'autopilot', I have the feeling often aswell. Thanks for bringing this to my attention again, it often deludes me and I don't think about it (as I am on autopilot at those times...)

    So I might focus again on meditation, this sounds really reasonable!
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  13. I tried it yesterday and it is amazing - but also hard. Because it works and I know that it works. So whenever I am on autopilot and just want to grab something sweet I know that when I would stop to meditate I won't do it - But at that time I don't really want to not want it.... Does that make sense?

    Anyway, thanks again for the reminder, it really helps. Now I simply have to do it :D
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  14. Clean4Life

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    There is a chance you may have what is known as candida overgrowth in the gut which can be linked to strong sugar cravings. Look into that. If you want something that you can apply right now go buy some sugar free sweets. I enjoy them sometimes and can’t seem to tell a difference between them and regular ones.

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