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    We think gratitude is important. It helps us heal from addiction, depression, and negative thought patterns as we realize that there are so many good things in life.

    The aim of this journal is to share personal stories of gratitude with each other. These stories may be about a person in our lives who we are grateful for, or they may be about an event in our lives (big or small) that has caused us to feel gratitude.

    Your posts should describe the following information:
    • what happened (or what the person is like)
    • how it makes you feel
    • why you are grateful.

    We hope that this journal will turn into a compilation of inspiring stories that will encourage all readers to look for the ever-present good that is in their lives and, in turn, develop their own sense of gratitude.

    This journal idea was developed by @weddingnails and @Arohamystic - please contact us if you have any questions.
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  2. I think I will begin :)

    One person I am truly grateful in my life is my mother. I have always been able to talk to her about everything, but maybe I wasn't as open in the beginning of my life with her. But I could always talk to her. In 2013 she was one of the people who were able to pick me back up again. I called her most everyday, but she was still there for me even though I called her too much. And I am not sure that her life was that great because of how I was. But she still did it. And I am very thankful for that. I made it out of my depression and worst anxieties then. Most of the stuff I was able to find out myself, like going to a therapist and starting to gradually not isolate myself and be more social. But she dragged me out of the mud so to speak. I have been very grateful to her because of this, and I am trying to make up for all those calls.

    Then this year I crashed again. It all started up like last time. I was calling her everyday and trying to get out of it. But like last time, I really didn't want to do anything. I just wanted to talk it out and let it go. But she was firm this time. She said I needed to work on it more, write her everyday about how my day was gonna be good and then later how my day went. This was a life saver. Gave me an opportunity to write about my day and also slowly but surely start to get more positive about my life. It didn't work at first, but nothing changes if little time goes by. When you least expect it too, time heals and by doing journaling like this, it changed my mindset for the better. She also suggested I go to a forum to talk with like-minded. This I also resisted in the beginning, but when I found a forum that, I saw that this was what I needed. So I have much much to be thankful to my mother and also my father this time around. In 2013 I didn't talk to him about my problems. I never thought I could. But this time I found out that I actually can. I still struggled with talking to just him, but that is before I pick up the phone. When I do talk to him, he is just as good as my mother at this stuff. So, I shouldn't underestimate him. So I am very thankful to both my parents. They quite literally saved my life. But they weren't the only ones.

    I have to give props to a lot of people here at this forum. I am not gonna name names, you all know who you are. But when I came here to this forum I posted one heck of a long post. I didn't think anyone would read it. But within the first two days, people had posted to it and kept saying how inspiring it was. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like something hit me. I could be more open here than I could other places. It was eyeopening. Then I started my journal and got some feedback there. Very valuable feedback. I also started to give back to others and that was very rewarding. So yes I would say I am very grateful to everyone here and my parents. You are quite literally lifesavers. I did a lot of work to get where I am now. But I am not sure I would have gotten to where I am, had it not been for you persistent forumers and my loving parents.
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    One person who I am truly grateful for is my twin sister. Obviously, being twins, we have been together for a long time. We have always been close – however a few years ago she truly helped me.

    As I’ve mentioned before, in 2015 I was depressed. I hated my job and I couldn’t think of a way out. It was my sister who suggested that we start a business together. She came up with different ideas about how we could combine our skills, and different opportunities that we could focus on. She also used her connections to meet new clients and get some important contracts.

    Each morning when I was feeling down, she would give me a call to see how I was. She’d inspire me to meet the deadlines we had set, and to have a positive approach to the work that I was doing. Gradually, I started to feel more and more motivated by work, and more inspired by life in general – until I finally felt like a functioning human being again.

    Her assistance gave me hope. It made me feel like I was not alone. And she helped me find a job that truly focused on my passions and interests.

    Today we have a thriving business and I am no longer depressed. I have so much gratitude towards my sister for her help.
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    Off topic: Congrats for achieving for 100 days tomorrow! That's a huge milestone! :)
  5. Thanks man, it's been a long time coming. For the first time since 2016, when I first tried to stop watching porn, now in 2017 I am managing 100 days. If you had asked me then, I wouldn't have believed you! And well you've gotten pretty far as well, over 100 days :). GG

    But yeah, back on topic :)
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    Thanks for creating this great thread! :)

    I'll write my story on what I'm grateful of

    I'm a professor. I have been teaching to my students for 15 years. I love teaching. Yes, being a professor is one of the most stressful job a man could ever have and it's really an undervalued job. Imagine teaching 200 students each quarter with zillions of obligations. It's no wonder why I used PMO as a way to cope with the unending stress.

    I was so deeply addicted to PMO and I didn't realize I was till a friend challenged me to stop it for a week and see if I can succeed. To my surprise, I couldn't stop doing PMO not even for a single week. That was when I first realized this is indeed an addiction. Thanks to my friend for waking me up. He's also a Christian too. So with knowing this I was now an addicted man, I searched for the solutions to my addiction and found this NoFap and this has changed my life for the better.

    I didn't think I would be able to last that long in not doing PMO and this website IS probably the biggest reason in my recovery. The support from people are just amazing here. They totally get my struggles as I totally get their struggles. Completely. I get you. You get me. So the NoFap Community are my brothers for life.

    With the help of this website, I was able to figure out the roots of my addiction, figure out the triggers of my first relapse. As I struggle, I talk to my Accountability partners. So I always will thank them for their unending support as I now lend my support to the others.

    I gave all information of this website to my friends (real life) whom I know are addicted to PMO and now two of them have joined this website and they both said that it changed their lives. So I'm proud of the NoFap community for helping them too.

    Great Thread! :)
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    I am grateful for the friends at my church that tease me.

    Bear with me! Because it's always brotherly and friendly and fact-based and accepting. They razz me about a broken-down car in my front yard that I keep meaning to fix. They point out an errant hair not gelled into place perfectly. Because I'm a perfectionist and it's to a silly extent. One friend might mess with me almost every single week about one of the kids misbehaving.

    To all of this, I say:

    Because it's all really pointing out how the little stuff does not matter. And how life is still beautiful with its flaws. Sincere gratitude for them, every last one. Because they are right there with me, Brothers.

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