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Story of an ex-addicted 16 years old.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SenorMartinez, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. SenorMartinez

    SenorMartinez Fapstronaut

    Hello everyone,today I will tell you how I managed to not ever watch or even touch myself for the past 282 days.
    It is not an really complicated story,and tis something you could do yourself,if you really have the determination to do it.You see,282 days ago,I would have fapped 2-5 times a day,imagine girls in my bed,weird fetishes,but it changed a lot,I didn't really hook up on the forum but for a couple of days,looking for some advice,I did not keep a journal or something,but just reminded myself today " man when was the last time I ever fapped or watched porn? I remember starting out on some site and having some sort of time-tracking stuff ".Time passed so fast.Figured I might tell you about it.
    Motivational quotes had no impact on me,I disliked writing in a journal everyday,your typical 16 years old guy playing video games,fapping,and staying lonely avoiding talking to girls,rather shy with everyone.Well,all of that changed believe me.
    My personal kind of motivation was WORKING OUT .
    Yes,I will say it again,that thing changed my entire life.
    People claimed that in order to not masturbate,you had to distract yourself with something,and I had video games,but meh,didn't really distract but for a couple o' days,then fapped again,and I was like " goddamnit I will never get rid of this addiction",went sad-mode fapping again.Until one day,I came across 2 quotes that might be the only 2 I have ever understood and motivated me, saying : " the true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves on our own" ; "If you really want to become strong, stop caring about what others think about you. Living your life has nothing to do with what others think."
    In other words,we have the power to change ourselves on our own,without anybody's help.It's all about YOU.
    I was a skinny guy,always wanted to build muscle,even went to the gym,but I couldn't do it for more than a month,because I would give up,then go for a month again thinking I'm motivated again,but then life happens,you get sick,you can't continue for a a week,it destroys your progress,you give up,that was me over and over again.
    The addiction to fap got me motivated to work out,like it got me so motivated,all I'd do an entire week is think about what can I do to change the way I look,to get muscular,I even forgot to fap,because my mind was preocupied with it.Since that week,since I begged my parents to make me a BAR in our back yard,never have I ever thought about fapping.I got across bar brothers,started working out,watched tons of videos about nutrition,and any other stuff,I started seeing results after 1 month.In that month,I was so motivated to do all those crazy stuff on the bar,especially the muscle-up,I spent countless nights looking at nutrition stuff,having my mind focused on that,till a moment,a very hard moment,scrolled up facebook,saw some girl with her tits nearly popping out of her bra,and I felt it,the urge to fap after so long,think it was like 2 weeks into NoFap,it felt so bad I was nearly loosing my breath,but before my hand reached my pants I said: " will this change the way I look? will it be worth it? No it won't,but it won't hurt just once in such a long time" and for some reason,I managed to stop,closed the facebook tab,went to wash my face,do something else.
    After I saw the results from 1 month of street workout,I became addicted to it.I loved the results,I loved the feeling after the work out,I loved smiling like a retard for hours after a good workout,that adrenaline,all those kept me going until today,I am still addicted to results,even small achievments,that's what keeps me going,that I know I did 1 more muscle-up than the last time,or I had 3 more seconds into L-Sit.I
    I will honestly tell you,that all these feelings I just said up there,are way more better than the feeling you would get from fapping,because you don't get happy for a couple of seconds,you will be happy for the rest of your life :)

    Ever since that month and until today,I had erased my memory about fapping,about fetishes,became a better person,I made lots of friends because the way I look now sincerely,people are really curious how I became the person I am now,the no-more-shy-guy who wouldn't talk to anyone,I am rather talkative now,I like telling people how I did it,how I changed my life,my training routines,I even have a group of friends who hang out every day to the street park to work out,no longer afeared to talk to girls,seriously,being pretty muscular gives me a boost of confidence :D.
    That's all I have to say.
  2. TheFutureMe

    TheFutureMe Fapstronaut

    Hi Senor and congratulations on your journey, it looks fantastic from where I stand today! Thanks for sharing it with us! I wish I've had your insight about this at your age :)

    I have a question, since in your story you say "and then I became addicted with it (workout)". Is it just "so to speak"? Or do you feel something strange in the way you train, like cravings and always wanting more, for example? Like, have you ever been forced to be away from your workout for a while and be all edgy about it?
  3. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Hi Martinez. I advised you when you first came to the site last year. I am pleased to see you avoided even one relapse! :D
  4. SenorMartinez

    SenorMartinez Fapstronaut

    Dave,it's just so to speak,yeah my reward system now makes me feel really good after an achievment or a workout,so I want more of those good feelings,but it ain't like fapping,I don't crave for it,or let's say I didn't achieve 2 more reps or something,not feeling bad about that,I do happen to miss some workouts due to school or homeworks,family meetings,I do feel a bit bad about missing my training,everybody does,ever since I was young my dad teached me family and school is the priority,so I treat gym secondary :)
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  5. You've got the focus and willpower that most people can only dream of. 283 days is insane! Very inspiring and congratulations.
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