Straight guys: Do gays hit on you?

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  1. Recently I realized how often I was approached by gays in my life.
    When I was 17 it began with a guy who was really interested and was observing me like a pop star. Since then, it happens quite regularly that gays try to engage with me. Once I thought a guy just wanted to make friends and go out for a beer, only to receive an sms later on that he was "in love with me".
    Two years ago a guy, I just considered friendly at some point shaked my hand and then suddenly pulled me closer to himself and whispered in my ear, that he could suck my dick.
    A couple of years ago a guy in a bar put his hand directly on my balls.
    It's not that have any problem with them. In general they back off when I politely refuse.

    But I wonder:
    Is that normal? Why do they go after me? Women are attracted to me as well, although they almost never were that direct.
    Do I look or behave like a gay? Or why do they choose me as a target??
    Does that happen to you, or is it just me?
  2. I'll find myself in a gay bar with good friends from time to time. it's a lot of fun but my goodness some of these men move in fast. ngl I enjoy the attention and the free drinks (long island iced tea, thanks for asking), but it definitely makes me more sympathetic to what girls deal with in these settings.

    men tend to initiate when it comes to courting. a guy who's into you will usually be more overt than a girl who's into you
  3. StonePlacidity

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    When u so attractive that even gays like you....

    Or are you giving them hints? Idk I'm straight I dunno how this thing works. Do gay people just straight up approach anyone they're in love with? (hopefully this isn't a stereotype)
  4. HVL85

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    Unfortunately yes. I'm not gay, but I've had plenty of times that I noticed some dude being attracted to me, and I find it uncomfortable.
  5. WalkingForward

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    No, that has never happened to me.
  6. Gmork

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    It sounds like you're hanging out somewhere where there's a lot of gay guys.
    That's not supposed to be a joke or anything.
    It just sounds like you're visible to gay folks.
    I wouldn't take it as a negative thing.
    It's quite a compliment.
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    Some creeper tried to turn me out when I was 18. Fortunately he didn’t try very hard. Had some goofy accent and told me “you can make a lot of money being gay”
  8. I used to go to a local ghetto gym. The owner had some scary stories to share. So it happens, also bodybuilding has a fair share of such creeps attracted towards it. (Edit: not talking about gays being creepy, but someone asking you for your funstick size on a set of bench press isn't exactly normal either.)
  9. Good to hear that some of you share similar experiences. I don't want to be a gay magnet. I must admit, I sometimes take it personal, like: "What, do I look like I'm gay?"
  10. Lol, take it as a compliment... you are irresistible! :rolleyes:
  11. I mean, maybe you look gay to some people, but who cares? Lots of girls are into that.

    I can't say I've ever been hit on by a girl, but I've definitely known some girls that obviously had crushes on me (I'm a woman, by the way, just so that isn't confusing).

    I used to be a ministry leader at a youth group, and this one younger girl was always reallllly attached to me. She obviously really liked me and treated me differently than other people. I kind of felt like she might have a crush on me, and there was something about it that made me uncomfortable. Like my instinct was to keep her at a bit more of a distance than the other girls, because I felt like she took my attention as something more than it was meant to be. I looked her up on Facebook recently and turns out she's a pretty butch lesbian now. Lol so that was definitely what that was about. Makes sense now.

    Honestly I have a similar experience with myself, too, though. Lol my best friend's cousin told her once that he thought I was gay and I was into her, and at the time I thought that was totally funny and ridiculous. Now that I'm older I'm like ohhh. Yeah, he was super right. Haha I'm definitely incredibly attracted to my best friend. I'm a Christian and grew up in a Christian home. I never considered going out with girls as an option, so I just laughed it off at the time because it's not like I was going to do anything about it anyway. But now I realize he was probably right. I definitely had a crush on her. Still kinda do, to a degree.

    I also definitely had a massive crush on another one of my girl friends in high school. Not sure if it was reciprocated or not, but we used to joke about getting married and call each other "wife" and hold hands sometimes.

    But yeah, I'm still not going to pursue women, even if I was single and had that option. Anyway, it's just funny to see those gaydar moments being right on the money. lol

    I compliment women a lot, so I'm sure some of them have taken that as me hitting on them. I don't really mind if they do, but I really just mean it as an innocent compliment. If I see a beautiful woman, I will probably tell her she's beautiful. It always makes their day.
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  12. I've been described as a "twink." So yes. And I'm not fond of it. I imagine that's what it feels like to be a woman.
  13. No not really, My issue is just the opposite i have married women always hitting on me . I would prefer single women instead
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    It's only happened to me once but I was on my way to a session with my old band, I was walking through the city and a guy came up to me and asked how I was. Long story short he asked if I had a boyfriend and I said that I was straight. He then quickly vanished.
    I took it as a compliment at first but after thinking about it I was in the same boat as you. "Why don't women do that?? "Do I look gay??" etc etc. All it is, is that guys are way more direct. That's all. I don't really want to think about "looking gay" because I look like me and that's okay.
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    I imagine gay men have it pretty easy with the dating scene. None of the cat and mouse bullshit that the gender barrier presents.
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  16. Guys, when I was at the university, some of my girlfriends (not that I had plenty of them), showed my photos to their gay friends and they went crazy. Then I got that positive feedback from my girlfriends and was annoyed.
    And yes, you are right, gay men get sex easily. But if they want a relationship, that is harder apparently.

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