Strange symptom. Trying to figure this one out.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ElonTusk, Apr 11, 2020.

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    Hey peeps.

    I'll try to keep it sweet and short.

    * I'm 34. Been PMOing for most of my 20s.
    * Only started with severe symptoms a year ago
    * Typical P induced stuff I guess : Brain fog, fatigue, lethargy, headaches, insomnia (really bad), ED but not as bad.
    * Did MRI, full blood, sinus op (deviated septum repair), cyro, physio, heart sonar. F*** you name it. I did it. Wrecked my health insurance the way P wrecked my brain. No serious health issues reported by doctors. Saw many of them.
    * Been on and off nofap with some meh streaks. 30 day max.

    I'm trying to figure out one annoying symptom :

    I was wondering if any of you has experienced a song stuck in your head (earworm)? Not the typical one that goes away within a day or two. Constant and changing to different songs throughout the day.

    I think it is due to me giving up many hours of pc gaming and PMO that spanned well over a decade. Maybe some OCD symptom? Although that would be the only OCD symptom I have. So unlikely?

    What do you think?

    Cheers you ledgends!

    PS. I don't want to come across as someone who is disrespectful towards medical professionals. I just met so many incompetent ones that shouldn't be practising. That is disregarding the fact that none of them talks about the effects of P on the human brain.
  2. Break apart, does this happen everytime you aren't constantly hooked the gaming or pmoing or is it just something more recent ?

    Maybe your mind is just churning for some stimulation and you have a song stuck in your head

  3. Earworms are not thought to be a symptom of OCD, I looked up about 5 years ago.

    My suggestion Elon"Tusk" is to work on completing a 90 day reboot.

    The reboot will solve a lot of psychological, physical and other problems you might not

    realize you even have. KMP.
  4. hollyman

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    i think its not the case bro

    i quit pmo and gaming at once and i didnt have that syptomp, although my addiction to gaming was worse than porn. but here i am bro

    but if i can remember the first 2 week is a hard week for my brain because its so hard to get quality sleep and i always dream about playing game

    but after that its easy for the gaming addiction and just caries on with PMO strugle

    for the song in ur head. i think quiting song is also a good option here like cold turkey one. i mean most of the song is all about sex and stuff and i remember one song that if i heard it, it will continue loop in my head even in my sleep

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