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    ok it's true, and a little strange as a title. But it is so, today I am on day 34 and have been on the flatline since day 0. In these days I have had 0 urges. And very rare weak erections in some moments, without any desire to think about women, porn, fetishes etc .. however I am doing online lessons once a week for coronavirus. And in these lessons there is a girl who every time I see her I immediately get an erection and urges. today for example it was the most difficult part. I don't know why but she always fixes herself on my computer screen (I use meet google and the application lets you see people connected at random), but she is always there and I see her .... so attractive, today I am a strong enough urge came, i have an erection even now thinking about her. the fact is that this only happens to me when I see her, because then the other days of the week I have a dead penis due to the flatline and I don't think about anything sexual, desires etc .. even if I think about this girl, I don't have erections. it only happens to me when I see it online !!! It is strange I thought that the cuarantena made me believe that I was in flatline, but it is strange, I should have urges looking at instagram or morning erections, but I have nothing. I just wanted to share this strange thing with you. maybe it can be a sign that I'm coming out of the flatline? every time I see the girl the erection is getting stronger.
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    Good progress bro. Just keep doing nofap and you will come out a new person.

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