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This strategy real working?

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  1. ELLO

    ELLO Fapstronaut

    Hey. I found an interesting site Does this strategy help?
  2. Souhail

    Souhail Fapstronaut

    I can not say it works or not , it is helpful but it will not make you quit PMO for good .
    Everyone should have his own strategy based on their triggers and their lives , everyone have different aspects and views
    But learning about something new about your addiction will completely be helpful
  3. IncenseCedar

    IncenseCedar Fapstronaut

    I agree with Souhail. Every one of us here needs a different strategy to make it through reboot and recovery. Why? we all have different backgrounds, different triggers, different modus operandi. That said, some commonalities seem to float:
    1. Pray or meditate - Why? These practices open our minds to something else, something bigger than ourselves.
    2. Exercise - being physical gets energy out, and balanced with a decent diet, can change your life in itself.
    3. Read or study the root causes of addiction - this site helps, but there are LOTS of free resources out there to help you learn about yourself and what makes you tick.
    I like to think of these three things as the legs of a stool - Spirituality, Physicality, and Mentality. Well balances in all these areas and life seems to balance out and staying PMO free easier.

    Hope this helps, Ello.

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