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    Just 26 days ago before I joined his incredible movement; I was eating junk, using tons of a substance that I will not state specifically. I had no confidence and I always felt angry.

    There are still bad days, but keeping count of the good days is quintessential to self improvement. Instead of sitting idly by, why not cut people out of your life that are toxic? I also advise getting rid of all social media during a reboot because honestly, what are you missing out on? You got us here on NoFap!

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (I don't want to necessarily say 'Dieting;' however, eating right is important. Getting exercise helps as well. Make it a goal to get a six pack, even if you never do; I guarantee you'll fight like hell trying, which means more than choking the chicken....

    Instead of sitting around hapless, sign up at your local homeless or animal shelter to do some community service. When you give back to your community - it gives more to you. It's something new to add to your resumé, plus that's something else to do - update your resumé!

    Exercise, healthy eating, giving to those who can't give to themselves is better than any orgasm you provide to yourself. It's better than any porn you can watch. Read more books, be interested in films, as well as architecture. Most ladies are sapiosexuals, as well as men; I am speaking as a heterosexual man; however, I am sure homosexual people are attracted to the exact same qualities! If someone is harming your self esteem, give that person a big "F*CK YOU!" And get them out of your life! Self improvement starts by loving yourSELF! You cannot achieve a healthy relationship, organic chemistry, or even happiness if you can't look in the mirror, make eye contact with yourself, and say, "You know what? I f*cking love you, you're awesome!" (Of course don't do this at Forever 21, or other places with a public mirror, you'll look like a creep). There's been a lot of negative posts today, COME ON FOLKS! Enough is enough! Let's stop masturbating and start f*cking 2018 as HARD AS POSSIBLE WITH SOBRIETY AND GOAL ACHIEVEMENT!!!!

    God bless you all,

    Best regards,

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    Yeah boi ☺

    Thanks for the blessings and likewise.

    Sapiosexual, never heard of it, ay.

    As defined by the urban dictionary, a sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature in the opposite sex. The origin of the word comes from the word sapiens, which means wise or judicious, and the word, sexual.

    There ya go, learn something new. Sounds about right. Would add some modesty for good measure though : )
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    The urban dictionary is not a viable source, but it is a fun one. Modesty comes with the territory that is NoFap! It's about having fun. Recovery doesn't have to be so formal.
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    High on life friend.

    You've found that life is the high, what a moment to behold. There's nothing stopping you now!
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