Stress, how it leads to Relapse, and Productivity and Mindfulness in Relapse prevention

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  1. Hi, so I'm doing Project, and the days got fewer and fewer but we haven't done and understand important core things, so i have my stress, my Project partner friends have some stress too. And that evening eventually leads to relapse, which i was basically lost in the thoughts and anxiety and pretty much everything. So i'm off for like 3 days (to read for information and write it down in my planner to carry it with me every day), and here's what i find (it's gonna be quick, cause i still have works waiting for me when i'm done with this mindset setting).
    After i relapse, i search and find:

    1/ Stress is the top reason leads to relapse and Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention : (keywords on Google: M relapse because of stress) (the M in PMO)

    Must-read to raise some awareness):
    link (please click) : (L) Studies Link Stress and Addiction – Your Brain On Porn
    link: The food choosing test: (L) How stress can tweak the brain to sabotage self-control (2015) – Your Brain On Porn
    link (contains more articles about Stress and Relapse on Yourbrainonporn) : Stress and Addiction – Your Brain On Porn
    link: Top 5 Triggers of Relapse and How to Avoid Them (Stress is the top trigger) (*)
    link: Warning Signs of an Alcohol or Drug Relapse (This is important) (*)
    link: Stress and Relapse: The Role of Stress in Addiction Relapse | Banyan Treatment Center
    link: Preventing Relapse Through Stress Management

    How to Respond to a Relapse Positively:
    link: Relapse to an Addiction, Substance or Behavior
    link: How to Stay Positive After a Relapse (a good mindset, really)

    Mindfulness aid Relapse Prevention and Healing:
    As well as help you "take a step back from your thoughts, becoming observant and attentive", can help for Stress too, to help you slow down, soothing, slowly find the right direction.
    link: Mindfulness Therapy as an Addiction Treatment (*)
    link: Take a Step Back from Your thoughts and Emotions to Reduce Stress - dummies (**)
    link: Take a Step Back from your Thoughts

    2/ Productivity Topic: How to deal with stress and burnout
    link: Dealing with Burnout Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms & Strategies (*)
    link: Stress at Work - (*)
    link: The TEAM Framework of Productivity: Time, Energy, Attention & Motivation (*)
    There're some more about stress and how to deal with stress but the ideas are basically the same with the ones above, so i don't list it out.
    link: How Distractions At Work Take Up More Time Than You Think (**)
    link: It Takes 23 Minutes to Focus After a Distraction | The Muse
    And a few more great productivity articles that give more insights and mindset, good in general:
    link: The meaningful work guide: How to craft a fulfilling career - RescueTime
    (or this) link: Finding the Right Career -
    link (mentioned comfort zone): Why you're not finding Flow at work (and what to do about it)
    link (about focusing on one thing too much): The surprising power of "microbreaks" (and how to take more of them)
    link (pretty sufficient articles): Time management tips & strategies: 25 powerful ways to be more efficient

    There're articles I colored orange, are the ones i wrote down the whole ones (*) or just details and ideas (**) in my planner. It takes me 2 days, 20 pages to wrote them all @@

    Here are the first pages of mine about the articles, in this order:
    Dealing with Burnout Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms & Strategies
    Stress at Work -
    The TEAM Framework of Productivity: Time, Energy, Attention & Motivation
    Warning Signs of an Alcohol or Drug Relapse
    Top 5 Triggers of Relapse and How to Avoid Them
    Mindfulness Therapy as an Addiction Treatment

    Of course I shorten those articles and get the most ideas from them (my right hand constantly scribbled :emoji_hand_splayed:, it worked hard), but basically it's the same, i just shorten those ideas that not suitable for me in real life, like drugs and alcohols changed to PMO, and some repeated ideas.. It's the way to always carry the idea without forgetting them.
    And the reading and writing idea was done, but the most important thing is, how to actually bring them to real life and work. That requires, too. So yeah, I'll say bye to you and back to my life :emoji_hugging::emoji_four_leaf_clover::emoji_tomato:(for Pomodoro :):emoji_coffee::emoji_croissant::emoji_salad::emoji_art::emoji_heart::emoji_purple_heart::emoji_sparkling_heart::emoji_revolving_hearts::emoji_two_hearts:
    The most important thing is to identify the "signs of relapse", be in mindfulness state first, then resolve to find the source of your feelings and stressors behind.
    Remember, relapse is not a sign that your recovery failed. You're navigating e new and unfamiliar path. You'll work to recognize when the relapse process started, how you could have read the signs better, what coping skills you were missing and what you could have done differently the you'll develop specific skills an strategies to prevent the same thing from happening again.
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    ELITE2BE Fapstronaut

    Incredible and impressive!
    That is indeed a lot of hard work. Many thanks for sharing this comprehensive guide Halph! Surely will be returning to it.
  3. Thank you buddy :D Really love to see that you appreciating this. Hope it helps :D

    ELITE2BE Fapstronaut

    Even at 200+ days I feel like I am facing days with extreme urges and high relapse vulnerability. They are more sporadic, but still there. So having something tangible to return to definitely helps! Greatly appreciated.
  5. Oh wow, yeah, it's simple cause everyday is a new day so i'm not focusing on counting the days, cause everyday is super different. So everyday is indeed a new challenge :)
  6. Mr Rn

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    Wow amazing effort, these resources will be very helpful:)
  7. modern milarepa

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    High levels of stress have always been the cause of my relapses.

    Stress will never leave you, it's part of life. The key is to understand PMO it's not that relaxing MO also is just nerve tickling, it's a momentary pleasure of energy building up and leaving your body. It's a misperception of pleasure.

    It has take me a life time to understand and feel this in my bones. PMO it's like a trance of pleasure mixed with suffering. It has lost all appeal to me.
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  8. Bless you for this good summary. Thanks for helping us out with those threads as always, Halph. Hope you get your project done on time.
  9. Thank you so much and hope it helps ☺️
  10. Outstanding job, I am going to read many of them :)
  11. Thank you ! I will check it as I found out during nofap that I never developed inner resources to cope with stress.
  12. thabtua

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    On god I will be here in this topic for a long time fr fr thanks for bringing all them together bro stress management is one of the most undervalued topics in this life it affects our happiness, success and health. I’ll give a look all of these articles but it will take a few days fasho. Thanks again!
  13. Thank you so much and hope it helps you even a small bit!
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  14. Finally found time to read it.
    Thanks for all the work you've done.
    Will read probably all of them.
    So thanks from the bottom of my heart :)
  15. Ah thank you for the time :D stress is daily life thing and we just gotta keep moving, doing things to keep us not to be stuck.
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  16. Thank you, yep. Nobody talks about it, we may talk about our accomplishment but nothing about stress and burnout that taking seriously, it’s a long topic, and every one has different ways and situations and conditions, scenarios, so yeah. I think small accomplishment daily is hard, indeed, as we easily suck in those social media, chit chatting, distractions. But yeah, awareness of time, time is indeed a resource we can make the most of it, so we can hit head on soft pillows well @@
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  17. Thank you, it’s a good-to-know. :D
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  18. Yeah. We still trying to figure it out, and live every day is a new day. We all learn every day. Hope you have something that make you move towards and work onto, and enjoy our daily mundane but still lively life itself.

    Like this video :D
    I’m just barely know the surface of it since i’m actually a final year student to do a Final Project. I’m sure you’re a worker with years of working and have to deal with stress regularly. So i’m not the really great person to give advice here, i just gather information. I hope that along side of PMO things, you have other good things to pursue, as a job that you do everyday, as healthy hobbies you have in free time with healthy connections and relationships, with your people, family, online and real-life friends. But yeah as you said, cause now I’m not at school and just doing Project at home. The time i was at school, there’re assignments, relationships that where some people don’t like me, or just a lot of people overall, outside stimulants, a lot of deadlines, presentations. I barely have a good sleep and constant stress and relapse without knowing the reason why. There’s a time i have 6 relapse in 2 months, it means one streak lasted 10 days. It was hard.
    But yeah, i mean i have to overhaul my working system to change the situation. That’s the point here, after this reading and collecting knowledge.
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    I love your handwriting! As a leftie, I wish I could do that. Mine is more a chicken scratch.

    Thank you for the links, I think they were great points. Take it one step at a time, and everything will take care of itself.

    Thanks Ms. Halph! You're right. Knowledge is power and understanding all the more.
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  20. Ah really thank you for taking time to read it as it helps you and i think writing is re-ensuring your knowledge. It’s in my planner that i take it to work every day. So i can always be able to read them. That has to be handy :)
    And the most important thing is to DO. Without doing, everything is nothing. I’m struggling in my Project and hope i can figure the things out. And so do you, too :)
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