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    hello all,

    i recently developed this attitude of masturbating whenever i am stressed. i tried lot of different ways to stop myself from masturbating but nothing is working. I stop for a couple of days and i do it again. this is how it has been for two months.

    I am in a long distant relationship. at times we fight and i masturbate after that. I am so guilty and I am not able to stop either.

    Help me out!
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    The streak is not updated..

  2. You have to treat it like a real addiction! Inform yourself about it and stop trying half-heartedly.
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    Sports and going arround people when you feel that way are the only things that have helped me with that.
    Sports drain your energy and help with body stress. Being arround with people ensures you won't masturbate since you're in public :) as simple as that. The number one rule is to simply don't touch yourself. Eventually the stress finds a way to express in other ways.

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