Stretching + Yoga to Redirect Sexual Energy to Maintain Streak

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    Hey All,

    I have been enjoying a ~150 day NoFap/NoPMO streak and would like to open this thread for a few things:
    - Share resources (mostly youtube videos) that can help folks main their streaks by redirecting sexual energy to more productive areas
    - Share current thoughts on NoFap depending where you are
    - Discuss yoga, chakras, meditation, tantra, and other metaphysical topics
    - True Libido
    - Overcoming insecurities

    Not sure what other folks call it, but after regaining my life and energy from PMO I have been able to feel and seek my true libido, and really explore my true sexual nature as a male.
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    Background on chakras for those that are new to the idea:

    Our emotions reside physically in our bodies.
    The energy of the second chakra, sometimes known as the sacral chakra or Svadhisthana, is the power of partnerships, how we begin to relate to others outside the family tribe, the creative exploration of life and relationships, sexuality, and discovering the power of choice.

    Where is the sacral chakra?
    Below the navel, extending down to the groin area at times. For men, this energy tends to manifest near the genitals when overactive/unbalanced.

    You can stretch and redirect sexual energy from the sacral chakra to other chakras.

    Youtube resources to heal/work the sacral chakra
    1. Sacral Chakra sleep meditation
    2. Sacral Chakra yoga
    If yoga vids are triggers for you avoid.
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  3. Hi @PoloMarco,
    sorry for the silly question, but what does "True Libido" mean?
  4. We have to come up with a list of Yoga poses which help to transmute the subtle energy upwards.
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  5. Good idea, I want to join.
    I am curious, how to od yoga, how to meditate
    You know, I have problems when I am on long streak.
    I have lots of energy, and its bad. Like, I have lot of energy that is not used.
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    Here are a few other videos that I've used in the past. The thing that really helps is to notice where the energy is.
    That feeling "awaiting arousal" or generally horny-ness definitely manifests around the groin area, and that is the area where the sacral chakra lies.

    1. Full Body Daily Stretch routine
    2. Sacral Yin Yoga (restorative)
    3. Sacral Chakra Yoga - Beginner's 10 min daily

    So the lounges are really great in all of these videos and can loosen up that energy for you to move it upward.
    What can also help is breathing.
    Does anyone have breathing exercises they can share links to?

    Do these sacral chakra stretches and exercises when:

    - You feel enough energy to want to relapse
    - You have the feeling of arousal in the groin area
    - You're ready to re-direct some of the pent up energy to other parts of your body and life

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    True Libido is a term that I use to describe how after ~150+ days I feel capable of exploring my real, actual, and natural libido as a man. In my case, I am a hetero man. I feel that I can really explore my true desires with my partner, my performance is excellent and meets my expectations, and I have no delusions (fed by P) that could make me lose confidence or feel as though I am not really aware of what I need. I don't need to think back to "examples" of what turns me on. Instead I am able to make quick decisions and seek my pleasure and surprise my partner with just "feeling it out."

    The opposite of True Libido = P-Fed Libido. A side story:
    A woman friend of mine was describing to me and showing me the instagram of a new guy she was seeing. He's a very attractive guy who can obviously pull many different women and have sex with them. We were having a discussion about NoFap and I told her the difference I felt being in my true libido. She said that this guy was OK in bed, and that he had done something that many of you will definitely recognize from P. If this is a trigger of yours do not continue reading the small text...

    While standing he pick her up and did the porn move that has the man standing and holding the woman up like a child, and ramming the hips into her.

    Honestly guys, that position is not pleasurable for any woman at all and has nothing to do with female anatomy. However, if you also remember your P-watching days this was one of the things that happens all the time and provides a good view for a camera. Clearly this guy felt like he was a performer and he watched this happen many times in P and got off from that P. He essentially has no idea what else to do in the bedroom except imitate the P.

    True Libido is knowing what you want and need as a man in sexual terms, and being able to guide your partner through your own and their desires.

    Would you guys like to hear more on this topic? Let me know, otherwise I will move on and back to the yoga topics and chakra topics. Honestly I think these are still paths to the true libido.
  8. Cmon, yeah
    I enjoyed reading about true libido idea.
    Manly because story kind is very similar to what I personally have experienced.
    I have done few things with my GF that I thought that she enjoy. But when I asked her, when we had one of our intimate converstaions, she told me that she really doesnt like that. She preffer when I do some things more gentle. That made me feel shameful a bit, cause I realised I was imitating porn moves. I wasnt connected with my true desires.
    But when I was a bit active with her, but I was fueling myself with my deep desires and self, I was performing very well. She enjoyed that. I could sense, what I feel, I expressed my masculinity in better, natural way.
    I am interested in that topic.
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    I have found that when I focus my energy that would normally go outward toward women’s bodies, sexual imagery/fantasy, porn, etc and instead put that energy into running, helping others, music, and meditation, it creates pretty good results.

    Running: It does seem that I have more energy for running. The body feels stronger, probably run faster, more motivation to run longer distances. I enjoy it more.

    Helping Others: Instead of using energy selfishly, using energy to help others, well, it just has better results.

    Music: Seems to be more creativity available when practicing nofap.

    Meditation: When practicing nofap, my mind settles into meditation easier, there’s more motivation to practice meditation, and there seems to be better results in daily life from meditation.
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    Next step. Define "True Libido" ? What is it, exactly?

    Yes very interesting Nick. From what you mentioned, it sounds like you and I both have gone through a process to get to that True Libido. So I want to propose making a tighter definition of True Libido. What do you think? Where could we possibly start? This is a term that I feel needed some clarification for me, and I even came up with it! A lot of other guys in this forum are probably feeling the same thing. By defining this term, it can be added to other benefits of NoFAP, and a "goal" of PMO, at least for some guys.

    I think that this process is something that we men can go through when doing NoFAP, and that it also includes the other topics in this forum (what do with your energy, how to re-direct it, how to recover from flatline). Personally, when I was first entering around day ~120 or so I felt an incredibly strong almost visceral magnetism that I had. I went on a lot of dates then and was really happy with the feeling of "being attractive." Honestly it was the first time in my life that I have truly felt attractive - not just a knowing but an intensity. Like testosterone pumping through my body or something.

    Now I have a stable partner and am often wondering how I can keep that intensity even when I am being monogamous.

    Mostly I come onto NoFAP forum on weekends. Cheers guys and thanks for contributing.
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  11. True libido is when you are truly connected with your sexuality and you truly master it.
    It means you control it, and emotions are very wide. You are not having sex to have orgasm, you are having an act, its something spiritual.
    Like, you are praying/meditating, you read books and you are developing your spirituality, the same when you are transmuting your sexual energy, you are having passionate sex and you treat it spiritualy. You do it with higher level. You experience horniness at very high level, but your goal is not to ejaculate as quickly as possible. You care more about partner, and you really focus on her.

    Because we are animals, sometimes you might be unleashing your masculine intincts. I dont mean being aggressive towards women. Its, I like this definition one youtuber invented it, "tender aggression". You show your masculine energy towards her, and it nothing about violence and shit mainstream media shows.
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  12. What do you think of it? I want to have your on opinion what I have writed. I am glad to look at it.
  13. True libido, is also having part of feminine nature within yourself. You understand women's needs, you know what she wants. You understand feminine nature.
    You arent that jacked guy, yelling, being very energetic for no reason, you know that "YO lemme get your numba girl !"

    You are calm, intelligent, trusting yourself, articulate, energetic by means you control your emotions. You are capable of doing harm of high level but your arent doing it. You transform that energy for good.
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    Music on SR is so much more enjoyable.

    I can appreciate genres that I normally would dismiss such as classical music.

    But yeah I came to this thread because I am very interested in yoga as a form of transmutation!
  16. I do 'pranayama' which are set of breathing exercises and I it end with meditation.

    I do 'kapalbhati', 'lom anulom vilom' and 'brahmari pranayam'. I used to do vinyasa which is mostly stretching and it has helped certainly. But pranayam has been wonderful. The idea is that you need to send oxygen to every part of your body for good nourishment and open up your blood vessels.

    Here is an interesting metaphysical topic-
    Now, this video is interesting but its credibility is doubtful. Tantra is a topic that has its own interpretation to hindu, buddhist and jain religions which can be a complex amalgam of text, rituals, yoga, meditation and idealogy. Modern tantra is overly hyped as secretive and a way to achieve eternal bliss, to an extent that it has the ability to give you sexual powers.
    My mother is a devout hindu who can read sanskrit as well. She says that yoga is a person's own journey and what they discover after regular practice is for them to interpret on their own. I see many westerners come to India to pursue yoga and then market it as a business when they return.
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    I would like to discuss more with you
  18. Okay, those breathing exercises are exactly what I need! Most of my life, I have been able to only breath through one nostril at a time. The other nostril is always blocked up, but not with mucous or anything. I don't know what the deal is. My nostrils will only clear up through intense exercise.

    This has caused problems when doing qigong, as it's all breathing and I often feel the need to inhale through my mouth just to get air.

    These exercises look like they are exactly designed to get rid of my problem. Thank you!
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  19. Yeah these exercises are great! not just for your nasal breath but overall health. Try 3 or 4 exercises when you start.
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