Strict reboot challenge for people who are struggling.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. I just relapsed and have been in this cycle for months. This has inspired me to start a challenge on NoFap for myself and others who are struggling.

    If you are a NoFap veteran it would be appreciated if you do not participate in this challenge. However if you have fallen off the wagon lately, then feel free to participate.

    This is a challenge for you to accomplish your own goals and so a relapse will differ from person to person. If you're doing a no P challenge, then a relapse is simply viewing P. If you're doing a no PMO challenge then a relapse is viewing P, MOing or edging. There is no specified target day either, this is up to you. It could be tomorrow, or some, 90 days.
    To join this challenge, simply reply to the thread stating your goals and select yes on the poll so we can keep track of who's doing the challenge. Try to post on here daily telling us how your day went.

    This is a strict challenge as there will be a stronger incentive for us to succeed. All of these rules apply to everyone (including myself).
    1. If you relapse (depending on your challenge) then this counts as a relapse strike. You are allowed 3 relapse strikes. If you relapse a fourth time then unfortunately you will have to leave the thread. After a couple of weeks you may be allowed to join again. This is not a self-esteem destroyer, but simply a strong incentive not to relapse.
    2. If you peek at P subs then this counts as 0.5 of a relapse strike. If you feel that you viewed P-subs excessively you may want to consider it a full relapse.
    3. If you relapse, then analyse what went wrong and try to prevent the same thing happening again.
    4. When posting daily, keep it NoFap related, for example the urges you've experienced today. Try to keep discussion about girls (or boys haha), exercise, hobbies etc to your journal.
    5. Be honest. Obviously I'm not in the room with you, but do have complete honesty, as there is simply no point in doing this challenge.
    Note that if you relapsed before joining this challenge, it does NOT count towards a strike

    So, what are you waiting for? Let's do this! :D
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  2. Hardboiled24

    Hardboiled24 Fapstronaut

    Why not? I've been struggling, and I like the system you've set up, let's do this.
  3. Ragreh

    Ragreh New Fapstronaut

  4. Fighter834

    Fighter834 Fapstronaut

    I think this is great! I haven't relapsed but I check in occasionally to provide some advice for the guys that helped me get to this point in my recovery (it helps me to maintain my recovery too...). I'd like to add something that I feel is missing here. I like that this thread understands that relapses happen and accounts for that. Recovery is not black and white and it's a process that we all have to go through that takes time and trial and error. But make sure when you get a "strike" that you learn from that mistake. This is something I see people fall victim too all the time. They consider a relapse as a "thing that happened" and learn nothing from it. "I'll just do better next time"...this is the wrong approach. Every relapse happens for a reason. It's not always obvious and talking with an accountability partner is the best way to analyze the relapse to find out what was going on at a deeper level. Think of emotions, stress, failures in your gameplan when these things happen and improve your gameplan to keep the relapse from happening again. If you used an app on your phone that led to the relapse...get rid of it. You CAN live without that app! The rewards of recovery are MORE than worth it. If you're stressed by something, find healthy ways to manage your stress...exercise, sports, talking with friends/family, other hobbies that you love. Don't just use willpower if you want to succeed. Be smart guys and keep fighting. Best of luck to you all! ;)
  5. </47>

    </47> Fapstronaut

    Count me in pal!
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  6. </47>

    </47> Fapstronaut

    Just thought I would add something. Threads like this usually get pretty crowded with time, especially if they are constantly being updated. As such, let's try and keep our posts short and concise. Write about your urges and hurdles, strictly Nofap related. Any abstract events of your day should probably be logged in a daily journal if you have one. If not and you still feel like telling us what transpired through your day, start a thread and post the link. I'm sure everyone here will be eager to follow it. We just don't want there to be pages of reading material every night because it might get difficult to keep track of everyone's progress. Thanks again @Al123 I think we all really needed this:emoji_beers: Good luck everyone!
  7. I agree @tyrant108

    So when you post daily talk about urges and potential triggers you've experience. To discuss other things then keep this to your journal.
    And thanks all of you for joining the challenge! Let's hope even more can join us!
  8. Very good points. Let's make sure that when someone relapses, they heavily analyse the relapse :)
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  9. moix123

    moix123 New Fapstronaut

    I have been in this shitty PMO cycle for months now. I want to put an end to it. I'm in!
  10. RoyalShergill

    RoyalShergill Fapstronaut

    sorry to hear but why you relapsed You need to first complete your challenge then i join you i believe you bro you first do then i
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  11. Pardon?:emoji_joy:
  12. How have you all been today? My urges to binge lately have been incredibly reduced. Sure I had a few urges today but they weren't as intense.
  13. Hardboiled24

    Hardboiled24 Fapstronaut

    I just woke up. Planning on being productive haha!
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  14. </47>

    </47> Fapstronaut

    Ok. Day 2 complete. Haven't felt any urges yet. On to Day 3 then. Hope everyone's doing alright
  15. I am in and marching toward 90 days! Today was good with few urges but loneliness is creeping in.
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  16. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    Interesting challenge idea, @Al123 -- you're really on to something here. The nuts and bolts are how we deal with urges/triggers/etc. and be strong enough to stick to our convictions; to remain determined to abide the decision to NoFap.
  17. Thanks sir :) Feel free to join our challenge.
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  18. How are you doing today guys? Sorry I couldn't post yesterday I was busy all day. Urges are creeping into my mind but this challenge always comes to the fore-front of my mind so yeah all is good on my side :)
  19. </47>

    </47> Fapstronaut

    Day 4 completed here. Not many urges yet. Onwards everyone
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  20. Peeked at P-subs darn. I have 0.5 of a strike :( Luckily I didn't indulge too much into it and ultimately didn't relapse.
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