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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by miggy4018, Sep 13, 2020.

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    So last night me and my dawg ended up at the strip club for his birthday. Well I'm getting a dance from a girl and I'm getting super aroused, I felt my penis getting that urge to cum, that feeling right before you climax. I tried to stop it and thought i did. I go to the bathroom after, and well my undershorts were all stained lmao. I had literally came off a stripper. Does that end the streak lol?
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    I’d say no since you didn’t climax and didn’t binge after. But I’d also advise staying out of strip clubs.
  3. pump20

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    Not to mention, they're expensive too. In my opinion, those dancers are succubuses and jezebels.
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  4. As a general rule, I would avoid going to strip clubs while you're on NoFap...
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  5. Reset your badge son.
  6. That depends on you, do you consider it a relapse ? What is your goal with nofap ?

    Whether it is a relapse or not depends on your moral compass, are you doing the hardmode or not ? You know, if a recovering alcoholic told you that he'll go to a beerfest you would not need anyone to help you conclude his actions are absurd and contradictory. So yeah, if you want to your brain to heal up properly, you need to avoid those stuff, give it some time to heal properly.
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    Let me guess, you live in America
    Let me guess, you live in America?
  8. JoeinMD

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    Does that end the streak? What exactly are you trying to achieve?

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