Strong sexual desire to look at explicit pictures of women right now

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Victoriousone, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Victoriousone

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    Don’t know if some of the words may trigger but just a heads up..

    I have strong sexual desire to look at explicit pictures when I abstain from PMO. It gets to a point where I don’t want to use sex with my wife. I just want to see other women. It’s over hype because once I look I tell myself this is fake. The women don’t care about me. I’ll never meet them. And even if I did meet them I wouldn’t even want to touch them. They’re showing their body’s off for the world to see. It’s not attractive but I guess it’s the habit that I’ve turned to when these hyper sexual feelings have come about in the past. I guess I need to find something to do when I get this strong desire. I don’t want to have sex with my wife just to get rid of the feeling. I want to have meaningful sex with her.

    Last night I started with looking up the type of women that I like and then turned to more explicit pics. Even today while I’m at work I started looking for escorts even though I know I’m not going to contact them or visit. I noticed I do it when I’m in a bad mood. These past couple days I’ve felt disconnected from people like I can’t relate to them or don’t care, frustrated with different situations. I know things temporary but I need to put a plan in action for when these emotions build up.
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  2. cleanliving81

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    Well a plan i use is to remind myself " WHAT ELSE COULD I BE DOING"
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  3. Flimsyfryingpan

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    At least you know the feelings that trigger these moments.
    What is the next right thing to do?
    I mean those pictures could lead to you to an actual visit is you are not careful...
    Think about it my friend.
  4. Victoriousone

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    A good friend of mine warned me that if I’m not careful it can eventually lead me to visit one. He recommended me to use a flip phone for now to stop going my smart phone and going online. It sounds like a good idea but I’m hesitant
  5. MillerGD

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    I have done this, too several times. And once, I was walking home late at night and changed my way to a street where prostitutes were waiting. I knew I wasn't gonna do anything, and I didn't. But somehow it made me feel good, thrilled. Maybe it was "I can have this woman" feeling, im not sure. Is it because i am a pmo addict? If it is, its simple, I quit pmo. But Im gonna lose my mind thinking if its something else? If this is some other case that is making me do these things as well as porn addiction...
  6. Homelander

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    I went through the same thing but in the end failed and visited an escort.
    Even-though my transgression made me feel terrible and disgusted it did not stop me from doing it many time after that.
    Because in my mind I always found a good reason to justify making a bad decision.
    But, now I almost healed from that bad mind set and just focus myself on meaningful love and sex with a real woman.
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  7. TheAbyss

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    That's what addiction does to you.
    It is no different from a drug addict doing dumb things in order to get his fix.
    My point is: consider this as your recovery from your own personal drug and approach it just as seriously as it sounds.
    You're in the midst of withdrawal, that's why you're constantly thinking about it. But if you manage to go some time without doing it, then you and your brain will notice that you don't need that.
  8. Toprawman

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    I can relate. I have my addiction to webcam girls. My therapist recommends deep breathing exercises.

    Every time you feel the urge try the below:
    1. Make sure you are sitting or lying comfortably.
    2. Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so.
    3. Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth if that is comfortable for you.
    4. Deliberately slow your breathing down.
    5. Breathe into a count of 4
    6. Pause for a moment
    7. Breathe out to a count of 4
    8. Pause
    9. Repeat
    10. Make sure that your breaths are smooth, steady, and continuous – not jerky; pay particular attention to your out-breath – make sure it is smooth and steady
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