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Is "The Phoenix Toolbox" helpful for you?

  1. Hell yeah, all of the 6 methods are great and helped me a lot.

  2. Yes, it worked for me, but some of the methods need to be changed.

  3. Nope, it wasn't useful enough, however, some of the methods worked for me.

  4. Not at all, it doesn't work for me!

  5. I'm gonna try it out...

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  1. The Free Bird

    The Free Bird Fapstronaut

    Hi everybody :emoji_raised_hand:

    I've read a lot about how to face the urges recently, because I was really suffering and couldn't resist the urges.
    So I wrote down every suggestion that I received from YT videos and my NF friends
    (Thanks guys :)). Then I realized which of them would work for me. Finally, I created a simple toolbax including 6 options and named it "The Phoenix Toolbox".
    Why toolbox? Well, it provides you 6 tools to defeat PMO addiction. It increased my chance of success in this journey. So I decided to share this toolbox with you. All options worked for me, but might not work for everyone. Btw, give them a shot. Maybe you find them useful too.
    There are millions of ways and tricks to make your NoFap journey easier. I collected the ones which worked best for myself. I wish it would help you as well.

    Now, let's get into the method:

    :emoji_fire:The Phoenix Toolbox
    The Phoenix Toolbox is nothing but a simple combination of 6 ways which help you to be in control of your willpower. What are these 6 ways?

    (The high quality image is attached to the post)
    The pink methods:
    These are immediate actions. You can do them anywhere and anytime and they take a really short time. These are suitable for when strong urges come to you immediately...

    Explanation of each option:

    1.:emoji_five: The 5 Second Rule:
    This is a great way to accomplish any task. It tricks your mind to do whatever you need to do immediately. Wanna know how it works? Check this out!
    2.:emoji_thought_balloon: Imagination:
    This method can be done in two different ways. You can either use it like this or like the following way. It's pretty simple; you should imagine two different futures of yourself. At first, imagine your future as a PMO addict and see how broken your life can become. Then, fantasize your ideal life and see how beautiful your life can become. Finally, decide if you want to relapse and become the broken guy or resist and become whatever you want. The choice is yours!
    3.:emoji_wind_blowing_face: Deep Breath:
    What a silly way, right? But wait, it's more effective than what you think. At least, it works fine for me. You can check this out for more information.

    The cyan methods:
    These are actions which take more time to do, they're good for both strong immediate urges and the days you feel you should have a protection for at least half of the day. It's better to put them in your daily routine.

    Explanation of each option:

    1.:emoji_shower: Cold Shower:
    In my opinion, it's the most powerful way EVER to kill the urges immediately! Many fapstronauts recommend this way and it works for everybody. You can still check this out for more information.
    2.:emoji_runner: Outdoor Physical Activity:
    It's crystal clear that exercising can boost your mood. It becomes better when you do it in nature or a pleasant area. It can be jogging, running, biking, etc. You can watch this for more explanations.
    3.:emoji_relieved: Meditation:
    Meditation has lots of benefits. It calms you down, makes you aware, reduces your stress, etc. However, it might not be a good option when comes to reducing immediate urges and cravings. I suggest doing meditation daily on a regular basis. Watch this for more.

    If you are willing to use this Toolbox, it's better to write down or print the recommendations and have them somewhere in your sight (your room for example) and go for it in case of urges or when you wanted extra protection:). Then choose an option and just do it!

    If it's helpful for you, share it with other fapstronauts. If you have an idea for making this toolbox more effective, feel free to share it here.

    Let's get to the next level, shall we? =)

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  2. Great effort and resource!!!
  3. samir10

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  4. UnfairPhysics

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  5. HelpMe & IHelpYou

    HelpMe & IHelpYou Fapstronaut

    Wow, I have read a lot, but this is an awesome combination of tools, thanks a lot, I will try it out!
  6. Wow really useful Birdy :D Thanks for sharing it :D
  7. Black@#

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  8. Lion's Roar

    Lion's Roar Fapstronaut

    Thanks mate. It is helpful. Good jobs.
  9. jeffmbaptist

    jeffmbaptist Fapstronaut

    Great post! You are going to help tons of people with your efforts! Thank you!
  10. Thank you for your effort! I tried the 5 second rule you mentioned and it worked for me. I'm looking forward to try the other techniques aswell and share a link to your post whenever I see someone who needs help. Keep up the good work! :)
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  11. Darren Mercer

    Darren Mercer Fapstronaut

    Definately trying this out
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