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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Tommy34, Oct 17, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    I would like to track my recovery process here. One of the reasons I started NoFap is so that I can maintain a stronger erection. I'm definitely seeing improvements here around the 45 day mark. I'm working towards a healthy lifestyle. Although, I have a long way to go, some of the things that have helped me so far are the following:


    Vitamin d3 1000 iu ,Biotin 10,000 mcg.Fish oil 900mg, L-theanine 200mgs.

    Working out:

    I've been working out regularly, 75% cardio and 25% weights atleast 5 times a week

    Healthy eating:

    Started drinking celery juice in the mornings/ lot more greens.

    Reducing stress:

    I've tried to manage stress better by using breathing technique/mindful meditation and reading.(Although, I have done enough of these)

    I hope this helps some of you guys. I will certainly update you guys as the days go.
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    Awesome dude.

    Can you please share some details of your addiction?

    How old are you now? At what age did you start? How often were you watching porn?

    Thank you
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    Congrats on 45 days +

    I found this site a few weeks ago PMO record 8,13,13 then got frustrated pissed off and feel hard.
    This is a record from 12 to 52 so in over 40 years longest without porn and or masturbating to make me cum

    New tracking is 4,4,4 but even obstaining from O for 13 days had a wet dream day 11.

    My goal have d reset 30 days and then no P or M but O as many times as I want from my wife. If have to look at porn or feel need to will Waite another 30 days of no PMO .

    Anyways great to hear about your 45+ day victory.
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