Strongly recommend the course "Cravings" on Headspace!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I can strongly recommend to do the course "Cravings" on the meditation app called Headspace. Now I know that it is not a free app, it is actually rather expensive (between 50 and 100 € per year).

    That being said I found it worth every penny. Please also note that I am generally into that meditation stuff, and that I already meditated some courses on the app, maybe that is why it worked so good on me.

    Please also be aware that you shouldn't expect changes immediately. The programm (which is one meditation, 15-20 min per day) starts off with 10 days where you only try to "note", to be aware when and how you get cravings and how you feel afterwards. The narrator talks very understanding and points out that you only start to note, not to resist at this moment.

    After that there is another 10 days where you try out different techniques (exhaling, imagining your body is filling with sunlight) that one could use when urges arrive.

    I found this extremely helpful to me, I have quit video games, social media (mostly 9gag), sweets and porn for a couple of days now thanks to this app. Now I know a couple of days is not a long streak, but it gives me a strong feeling that this can carry on, it seems very sustainable.

    If you have the possiblity to get the app (I have heard there is some deal with spotify aswell?) you should give it a try :)
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    I've tried most meditation apps and I'd recommend trying Insight Timer instead as has tons of free content.
    When meditation is a steady thing in your life and you feel like you're not getting enough out of that app you can always buy a subscription.
    There's tons of other good apps as well.
    Ty for the tip though on the course. Pretty general theme in meditation courses though.

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