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  1. So I've been really struggling in school lately and I feel I'm kinda slow in learning. I'm new to the school system in this International School, and they don't use books but they all use laptops and maaan... they all type so fast. I just hope I can catch up. I thought this school was easy because it's an International School but it's not. I'm just afraid that I fail the grade. I mean like how can I even catch up when I don't even have anything like the books or an "Managebac" account (is for teachers sharing lessons). It's just so complicated and I'm not used to it. Is anyone also like this or the school system kinda like this ? Let me know. I pray and hope I can be promoted to next grade.
  2. No one replies ? C'mon man.
  3. I'm struggling at university. I think I might fail my module :emoji_pensive:
  4. I know nothing about the Swedish school system as im in the US but if you see yourself struggling dont fuck around till its too late. I'm assuming you guys have counselors or the equivilant right? Id let them know I was new to the school and the system. They may be able to connect you with tutoring, mentorship or some other resources that can help you adjust and get up to speed. I would also speak to my teachers and let them know the situation. Sometimes when you show teachers that youre serious about learning and improving, they will go the extra mile to work with you or possibly show you some leaniency. Efficiency is more important than actual hard work so once you get used to the system and get better at typing, you may improve significantly. Good luck.
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  5. You wont be the first and you wont be the last. Do what you can and try not to worry too much. Speaking to your instructors and letting them know youre really trying or asking them for advice may help.
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  6. Never give up man ! You have my support !
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  7. Thx for the advice, I'll try my best.
  8. Kids School is a joke,They teach you nothing material you don’t want or even help in society,man don’t go to college is waste of time and breath.
  9. That isn't necessarily true. Personally, I wished I'd gone to university when I was younger. It's harder when you're a mature student. But I understand where you're coming from because when I was a teenager I had the same attitude as you. But since then I've learnt a university education can be of some value.

    Thanks. I felt better after talking to other students who've failed their modules but were able to overcome their setback and many have either graduated or come close to graduating. Also don't give up yourself.
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  10. Kinda true in some way.
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