Struggling to get back on the road to recovery

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ProphetOfDoom, Mar 4, 2015.

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    In a nutshell: After my last streak of 6 days two weeks ago, I've been experiencing difficulties in getting back on track. Relapsing after a day or so. I'm trying to get occupied enough to keep myself busy: studying, reading, writing. I've also added to my daily routine a few series of push-ups regularly. Rehearsals with my band and time spent with friends have increased to a decent level. I'm opened up for any advices/suggestions. Perhaps I should attempt the cold shower therapy /challenge? How can I prevent viewing pornography? How can I adjust my mindset to cause the required transmutation? For the last question, I'm trying to change by the hands of God. Such a sinful human being I have been all along.
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    I think you cannot change... BUT God who you mentioned can change you. For me it is amazing how often I got rebuked by God in times when I just wanted to focus on my own way.
    I have similar experiences like you. Habits which were grown over many years or decades can not be changed within a few weeks. It is a slow process. Keep yourself focused on why you want to stop. It was encouraging today to read this blog: Do I really want my small penis to rule over my entire life? This is rediculous.

    I can see that you are on the right track. You are changing bad habbits which are easier to control (going out with friends, exercise etc). This is a good start. Do not get discouraged just because life is full of surprises. Be more patient with your change. Be more patient with yourself and you will see that you can change.

    Keep it up, man! :)
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    Realize the thing that made you go 6 days before and try doing it again.
    If you fail to do that then get yourself busy. Its the best way to get a start on this journey.
    My last streak of 48 days ended way back in Jan and I realized a few days ago that what it started with was my schedule. Normally i go for classes 3 hrs a day. When my 48 day streak started my class timings were put to 6 hrs. So i was really pretty tired everyday and would just do some homework and sleep. Its what got me out. And since I lost the streak I have been relapsing continuously almost every 2 days and now I am back on 3 days and this is because my tests have started and they keep me busy.
    But this doesnt mean that you cant depend on willpower too. You can but for me it does not last much long and its just like motivation "TEMPORARY".
    Hope this helps!

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