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  1. DeltaDelta10

    DeltaDelta10 New Fapstronaut

    Hi Everyone,
    I need a bit of help with my current situation. I am currently on my longest streak, which is now 17 days. I am 19 years old, and I have been masturbating/watching porn since I was 12. I have never had sex, but I have also never had a girlfriend. The reason I have never had sex is because I could always satisfy my urges by just watching and masturbating to porn. I would then justify my pornography use and masturbating by telling myself that it was better than having sex before marriage- girlfriend or not. I now know that I probably won't ever find myself in a serious relationship if I am constantly masturbating to either pornography or imaginary situations in my head, so I stopped doing those things. However (and this is the part I am struggling with), would it not make reasonable sense for me to use the possibility of having sex (or perhaps even the pursuit of sex?) as a means of motivation to break my masturbation addiction once and for all? I know that reasoning doesn't sound great, but wouldn't the pursuit of a REAL individual give me the experience and knowledge to know that REALNESS will outweigh the pornographic images and videos one can easily find?
    Thanks for the help
  2. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    Sorry this went unanswered for so long. I did not even know we had group forums.

    Before marriage, sexual appetite is to be controlled. It is difficult to do, but that is the standard we shoot for. The period of young manhood is the time to learn self-control. So, "no sex before marriage" includes all sexual activity, incl. PMO. It is a lie that PMO is better than actual sex. The former is never appropriate because it always destroys. The latter is not appropriate outside of marriage because it will also destroy in every context but that of a marital relationship.

    How do you attain this purity? One day at a time. If you struggle with doing so, find an AP or three on here and start checking in with them every day. You can encourage one another on toward resting and abiding in Christ, relying on him for all things.

    Hope that's helpful to you. Feel free to reach out any time!

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