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  1. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that since I've gotten cancer my friends are no longer here for me, or that I haven't had a gf in so long, and after my ex broke my heart that I've permanently lost my confidence that I hate feeling lonely,

    I'm a great guy, usually positive , and haven't intentionally tried to hurt anyone why am I so down ?
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    The energy sustaining our bodies for happy living comes from our hearts. If you hold grief in your heart, pain, resentment it all blocks the flow of love. And when we are disconnected from internal love...... everything is down. Our body lack energy, we feel low, helpless and life is a struggle. Unprocessed aggression can cause cancer too.

    During my healing journey I started taking part in constelation therapy workshops and the teacher I am working with facilitates the healing of my heart. And let me tell you. Once your heart changes deep inside of you, then everything else starts feeling much better.
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  3. It sounds like your dealing with a lot right right now, so don't beat yourself up for feeling down. Don't be afraid or ignor your feelings, it's part of the process for dealing with the bumps that have appeared in your life. It's okay to be angry that you have cancer or disappointed that the "friends" and "partners" you thought you could count on aren't as reliable as you hoped.

    You will come out of this better than you went in and with a different perspective on your life and what's important. I'm not trying to sugarcoat the feelings of loneliness your feeling by saying it will be better tomorrow. I've been where you are with these feelings and happen to find myself dealing with them now. Feel free to reach out if you need to chat.
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    as someone else said, you are dealing with a lot, so allow yourself to feel what you feel right now, and give yourself time to heal. There is time to find what you need and want when you are feeling stronger. Stay strong, stay positive.
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