Struggling with peeking and sexual thoughts - HELP!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by thikk, Mar 19, 2020.

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    So here's my question in brief for people in a hurry: what techniques do you use to avoid looking at twerking videos and keeping away sexual thoughts?

    Example answers: 1) Meditation (Not my thing, I have no clue about it). 2) Counting to 5 while visualizing the numbers in my head (has been working to some degree). 3) Keeping myself busy (works but I have moments when I am alone and get the urge to look at worldstar for a 10 second twerking clip or something with nudity).

    For background: I am doing hard mode (day 18) and it's been a success so far. My problem is I am trying to keep my mind as clean as possible during this process. People usually say no porn but I am not sure if that covers twerking videos, sexual thoughts etc. For example, I see hot girls irl and start fantasizing, obviously I shouldn't be doing that. How exactly do people avoid these situations? P/S - I have not looked at explicit porn at all (although I have seen thumbnails of twerking women probably about 5 times in 18 days), and no MO. So I'm not struggling to relapse or anything. Just looking to see if other people have techniques to deal with this sort of issue. Also, the urge to look has gone down greatly, I convince myself that there is no point to looking at it. However, I have times, after a stressful day or when I feel a bit depressed when the urge to look at those damn twerking videos and IG models can be so strong. I'd appreciate any help.

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