Struggling with sexual fustration

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Recovering PA, Jan 26, 2019.

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    I am currently going through my second 90 day abstinence to reprogram my brain. My first was done whilst in a relationship and felt i had support and closeness from my partner. This time it is very different, i am single living alone and fancy someone i see regularly but she has a boyfriend.

    I am very sexually fustrated and have to pull myself away from masturbation thoughts/feelings multiple times a day. I have nearly a month under my belt but could do with advice on how to get through the next couple as its getting more difficult.

    I do not want to falter as i desire a normal sex life and relationship and that can't happen without going through this process.

    Any thoughts and imputs will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. First Step...Mk2

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    Hi, well done on your 28 days so far.

    I'm only 10 days in but I've found it pretty easy so far even though I struggled so many times before. Like you I am single and live alone so that gives us all the opportunity in the world to give in to the temptations. I believe the difference for me this time is that instead of me deciding that every time I felt an urge I would choose not to masturbate to porn, I just said it's not something I can do anymore. It's not an option for me. So if I do experience a trigger I look at it almost from outside myself and think "yeah, that would have sent me to off to PMO before". Now it doesn't because I just don't see it as an option. I simply am not allowed to use porn anymore.

    I don't know if that's something that can help you but I hope it does.
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    Your letting feelings of lust control your thoughts. Once you lose control of your mindset you lose. Train yourself to stop at an moments notice when you start thinking of lustful thoughts. Tell yourself "No. I deserve better," or "No, I can do this" and come back to reality.

    Just keep doing that. Mind seem dumb at first, but after while you realize your letting lust, triggers, and urges become an hindrance to achieving your Nofap goals.
  4. Recovering PA

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    Thanks to both of you. I have been drifting into obsession without being conscious of it. I am not ging to do anything about the attraction as may leed to a bad change in friendship. I need to concentrate on my recovery and to divert my attention from my triggers im going to sign up to a February fitness challenge to focus my energies.

    Again thank you for your responses its nice to get some grounding.
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