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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Daggertail19, May 10, 2021.

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    Hello everyone,

    So I work from home, 8 hours a day. I just got a promotion so that number might go up an hour or two a day.

    How do you all handle the urges and temptations when you are at home? If I am able to get in my car and go drive around whenever I wanted to then this would be a whole lot easier. But since I am stuck at home I want to find ways to fight the urges and temptations of looking up P or MO'ing.
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    I'm currently unemployed so I'm stuck at home all day everyday sucks but I stay productive as much as possible . Carpentry projects . Horticulture . Lifting . Cooking . Etc etc . Focus in keeping busy of you have issues with urges . Take short breaks of you can . Go out for a walk. Go down to the shop whatever . Being stuck in one place all day alone it's easy to fuck it off and give in to temptations out of boredom or frustration. Just have things in place so you can implement it if needed. Afternoon walk or run . Whatever
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  3. ItsSeal

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    1. Open the door.
    2. Walk out.
    3. Enjoy, relaxed?
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    Get dressed as soon as you get up & showered. Resist the urge to lounge about in pyjamas, keep that for bed only!

    Keep the curtains open, leave your internal doors open. Dont retreat into privacy (unless you are in the bathroom). Even if you live alone, this can help on a psychological level.

    Make sure you leave the house every day - a lunchtime walk, morning jog, afternoon trip to the shop, anything.

    Finally, look into porn blockers on your work computer. Turn off wifi on your phone (or put it in another room if you dont need it for work). Make a nice work space with natural light, tidy desk, houseplants etc and dont use this area for PMO.
  5. What if you go work every other day 3 days a week? Wouldn't that help?

    Or work at the nearest café.

    Or work at a public library.

    Guys, let's brainstorm some ideas.
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    I work from home. I am doing some online continuing education from home. I feel your struggle. Spending all day in from of screens, the temptation is as simple as opening up a new window on one of your devises. All I can say is work out, keep busy, in the short term try to substitute some other minor vises that are a little less crazy (I like video games as a vice/distraction from the real problem).

    Beyond that, I do a lot of self coaching, as weird as that sounds. I get up, walk around the house, go look at my self in the mirror and give myself a pep talk. I know that in time this will get easier and my behavior patterns will change, and every time I take a step backwards it makes it take that much longer.
  7. Try using the rubber band snap technique when urges arise. It's a good one to help start re-programming those negative thoughts/temptations. get a rubber band and when you feel an urge or unhelpful thought, snap it 3 times saying "I don't want it, I don't need it. Just walk away from it!" and then walk away for a moment or two. It works for me, when I'm focussed and present. Whatever you do, don't use the technique and then act out anyway, as all you'll be doing is reinforcing the very behaviour you are trying to stop.

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