Stuck at uni (sort of) with no friends..

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Ezio188, May 15, 2016.

  1. Ezio188

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    I'm just about to finish university but I only have to stay here for this thing which is only once a week so do not have to go campus or anything. I do not talk to the people I live with in my flat and the people I did have left. I have to stay till around mid june but feel so lonely because I have nothing to do each day. Its not easy making friends and I do not have a phone right now which I do not want to get as its helping with nofap. But stuck on what to do I just keep playing games all day but had no company in a few weeks now.
  2. Chef Boy

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    You're isolating yourself which is unhealthy. Talk to people. I encourage you to have a "what's the worst that can happen?" mindset to everything you do in life.
  3. Ezio188

    Ezio188 Fapstronaut

    I dont mean too I would happily go meet friends or people i could if i had any but i dont, and i know talking to housemates is pointless now as we know we do not get on.
  4. recoome

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    It's all right to not get along with people and one mustn't force if that's the case. I used to feel guilty for not having many friends earlier but now i'm all right with it.

    I dont think friendship is about texting every alternate day. it's about being there for each other in happy and good times. my friends know i wont go to parties with them. i dont even have lunch with my colleagues at the office but we can count each other as friends. they know i like being alone and we also trust each other to rely on each other.

    maybe you can talk to a few people who also like games. like join some gaming forum for some discussion. i used to discuss about age of mythology and age of empires with my friends at one time.
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  5. MyNameIsX

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    Go running
    Go walking
    Explore the local area
    Read books
    Learn to ferment things such as beer brewing (my new hobby)
    Learn to cook something you've never made before
    Learn a musical instrument

    Make your time with zero commitments work for you. There will come a time when your current situation will look like purest bliss.
  6. Nittany Lion

    Nittany Lion Fapstronaut

    I'm currently in the same boat as you, Ezio. It's not easy but if you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone by approaching people or participating in any activity, eventually it gets better.
  7. Lunar Devil

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    If I were you I would work out first of all....and go out when Im free. Just go for a walk. If you see any room for opening a conversation, even if its a few words, like cool place around here isn't? Just do it. Just stay out somewhere all day instead of your house. Go into a nice park and just...workout or get a book and read it there. If you see someone you could open a conversation with just do it.
  8. RealLifeGamer

    RealLifeGamer Fapstronaut

    Making friends is easy as stealing cookies from a child you just have to accept your fear of rejection and start at it.

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