Stuck Between Success and Time

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by NikeNike5, May 24, 2019.

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    I’ve recently come to the notion that there is obviously a void that needs to be filled (Hence, why I am here). Although, fapping seems to fill the void temporarily. What if we do not want a relationship? What if your time is more precious going towards achieving your goals and dreams.

    Im here because I’ve gotten to the point where even female partners still do not fill that void. I feel a need for more than that, but at the same time I understand the complexities that may come with relationships.

    I want to achieve something great in my life and I’m trying to adjust all aspects of life. Even those kept in silence. May this be the key to the next step in the right direction? I’m not sure.

    But, I’m ready to embark on one of men’s greatest journey. I’m going to attempt to go all summer without fapping, and I’m going to hold myself responsible by creating a thread such as this one.

    Who knows, I might fail and I might not. I may find a woman that works for me or I might not.

    Please, comment or add things that help when you feel the need to fap. A fellow human can use all the help he can get.
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    From my multiples times of relapsing I will say the flat line is real and the chaser effect is real. Don't lose sight of your goal. It's etched in stone and I wish you luck. Remember our minds process faster than any super computer so our thoughts are rapid and can fire quick and often so be aware and take your time and persevere. Cold showers can work . Try and not think of sex and avoid porn subsituted like swiping on dating apps. You can do this and I'm pulling for you!
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    Thank you!
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    In order to fill the void we must first seek to understand what is fear, and what is love. Two very important emotions that we must use to find new activities to fill ourself and break the walls of our own prison. Once you begin to see you again, now that's Inner-Freedom.
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    Fulfilling your destiny and doing great things getting the most out of you is what fills that void.
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    My Journal
    Watch this video, fellow human being.


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