Stuck i a difficult situation,help me out

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by jackcruiser800, Nov 23, 2022.

  1. jackcruiser800

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    Hi warriors,
    Its my 2nd week of NoFap and currently in my life i am preparing for job and its really difficult to get a job so i have to study hard to get one (recession also came now) ,but same time obviously due to NoFap i am having urges to talk to girls n get girlfriends

    I am also not very happy about my life cuz living with parents,21 and virgin ,no girls in my groups,no female friends, existing shitty friends, shit life. That is why job is my dream so i can move out and start my sex life with actual girls , and also to change my social groups.
    What should I do ?
    -purely focus on job and try to suppress my urges ?
    -or to get some girls?
    I want to change my life , so i need your wise thoughts
  2. tawwab1

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    I say focus on changing your friends first. Friends can really make or break you. Have you ever heard about crabs in a bucket? If it was just one crab he could climb over the wall and escape. But the other crabs always pull back down the one trying to climb.
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  3. Phallosopher

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    Hey man, I've been in a similar situation for awhile. I think I've recently made a major breakthrough though.

    What you need to work on is yourself. We pretty much point out our own weaknesses but in a distracting and unproductive way when we say other things that we want.

    Want girls? Work on yourself as a guy, your masculinity.

    Want career success? Work on your ability to focus, your social skills, and anything obviously related to your profession that I don't know to say.

    I wondered up until probably today how to suppress urges... but then I figured out that the way to do it is to focus on something else. It's literally just what you're focused on. If we're not focused on anything, being guys in this forum, our minds go to sex. If you focus on something else, by definition your mind is on that, not sex/women/porn.

    Good luck dude.
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  4. jackcruiser800

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    Thanks man
  5. OLLIE_100

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    I would focus on your job and get into self improvement aswell such as fitness and weightlifting, mediation, reading, spending time outdoors. Start small and build these habits up over time I know you have urges especially to speak to girls or to get a gf but if you focus on your physical or mental health first in a few months and overtime you will feel more confident in yourself and you will be more attractive aswell good luck and reach out if you want!
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  6. jackcruiser800

    jackcruiser800 Fapstronaut

    Thank you

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