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Stuck on cams -.-

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by loverofpeace, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. loverofpeace

    loverofpeace Fapstronaut

    So, to my misfortune, about a year ago I found a website where ppl stream themselves while masturbating -.- just when I was getting over watching sex scenes (I've actually been over porn for a while now, I find it kinda gross) I got stuck on this website -.- it's way too easy to access and has too much variety -.- and...it's live -.- I never interact, I just watch...it's a real pain to overcome this addiction >.< grr help ...any advice??
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  2. Hi @a_penitent,
    this sounds like the website you got stuck on is a continuation of your addictive behavior. Like an alcoholic would say: Just when I was getting over drinking beer I got stuck on wine ... Guess you get the point.
    In the end it doesn't really matter whether you watch porn or other ppl jerking off on cam or sexting or any sex related behavior that you do despite the fact it's time consuming and you can not stop it anymore. And as with any addiction which you want to end you will have to go through withdrawal symptoms. There is no bypass, no trick unfortunately. Through is the only way. Do you have any plan at hand? Strategy? Experience? Tools that you can use?
  3. GeeJ

    GeeJ Fapstronaut

    I think we might have the same website in mind. I am addicted too to this and not really porn
  4. loverofpeace

    loverofpeace Fapstronaut

    The only things I can think of are: replace the stimuli. Ex. when I feel the urge to look at that, look at something else.

    Also I have learned that sometimes one needs to discipline the body in other areas (ex. food) in order to be better at these other things. Ex. if every time I'm thirsty I drink, and say I go for soda instead of water, then it's very hard to say NO to my body when it wants that other, much stronger urge, if I cannot say no to something as silly as soda or a snack.

    Is just that ever since I found this, it got stuck in my brain and it's hard to move on. In turn it makes me feel frustrated and angry, which only makes things worse.
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  5. Usernameallowed

    Usernameallowed Fapstronaut

    I could sit and watch cams all day out of boredom its ridiculous.

    Even after I've actually got off to whatever I'm watching I'll be back on 5 minutes later .. and if I'm really bored I'll scrolling different rooms .

    It's addictive but gets boring but still addictive cams is way more addictive than porn I was never addicted to porn but I was and am addicted to cam sites

    It's quite an annoying form of addiction
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  6. Trash545415

    Trash545415 Fapstronaut

    Is this not porn? Yes, it is. If your wish is to rid yourself of the pornographic disease then grant it when you will it.
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  7. loverofpeace

    loverofpeace Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the advice guys. Usernameallowed LOL yes it's veery annoying :D:D best description I've heard of it so far.

    I blocked the internet at night and it helped. I think if I break away from it for a while, I'll probably get addicted to something else, hopefully this time something good : / (yeah I'm that kind of personality o_O)
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  8. Had the same issue years ago. Disappeared with nofap. I was always thinking of cam girls. That site i visit had beautiful cam girls and i was always waiting for them to come, so usually opening the site every 5 minutes for se if they were online..just turn off your phone, destroy it if enecessary, and focus on other things like exercices, read, ecc...
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  9. Usernameallowed

    Usernameallowed Fapstronaut

    I'm the same always addicted to something . Need to turn it around to running 100miles a week again
  10. guyinsideout

    guyinsideout Fapstronaut

    Cams are a major problem for me, totally get the bored but come back every five minutes thing
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  11. Block the website.

    Try to do hypnosis subliminal on avoiding porn, I’ve done hypnosis in the past to live a better life and it has helped me greatly.

    If you don’t know anybody I can recommend some gurus. :)

    Most of all if you can, get out side even for 30 minutes. It’s a refresher breathing in air in a wide open space and not under a 5G tower internet connection.

    I take long walks on my weekends and it helps ground myself and my mind feels clearer.

    I myself have been down this road. I would think like 10 minutes wouldn’t be a bad idea, what I think is “I deserve it I worked a full 40 hour week, nothings wrong with that right? I’m single and don’t have a girlfriend.” But in the end it’s over in a instant and the time is gone.

    Wasting time with someone that doesn’t even notice you or care you exist, while they do it for money, fame, the job, fan clubs, having men drool over them like their a public figure. Not even giving a shit about a member that says hi in the chat room for a simple convo.

    Ask your self would you want to waste time on that? Or live a more productive free life? Listen to your inner intuition about what’s right. Listen deep. It doesn’t happen all in one day.

    This is what I’ve realized from my mistakes, but we can fix them for our selfs and only our selfs
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