Stuck to my smartphone | No. 1 reason for relapses.

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  1. So title. I own a smartphone (s10). It is a big reason for relapses due to snap chat. I put it away yet i notice that my hand always reaches for it....

    I have more control of porn blockers on my laptop and that is the reason i sit more on my laptop. But on a phone it is not so easy and jail break safe to do so....

    I thought often to just sell the thing, but nowadays in my country i need it for some stupid SMS verification....

    What do u fellas suggest to stop this?
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    These are multiple problems. Firstly, think about if it wouldn't be beneficial for you to cut down/quit any type of social media. A lot of relapses start on there and you end up watching P. Secondly, I would also suggest get away from your phone as much as possible. Put it in your bag instead of your pocket, leave it at home now and then you don't need it for going for a stroll. Keep it in a drawer in your desk or the other room and shut it off from time to time. Also the fact that your grabbing it all the time means you seem to train yourself to get news or massages all the time, which is poison. One should not look at the phone every other second your training your brain to not focus on anything anymore. I recommend to completely silence the phone and only use it like 30 min in the evening(at once) or something.
  3. i have delted most social meda, but is reddit part of that
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    smartphones are addictive... if u have a job or hobby that engages you, i'd recommend you buy and use a dumb phone for a while.... pack your smartphone away and use a dumb phone for a month.... it'll be painful, you'll be bored and miss all the updates, quick access to info and enticing pics amd videos, but you'll come out stronger at the end of the month.... Use a dumb phone, get something to engage you... try to avoid social media and internet and just disconnect. I assure you, this is medicine
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