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  1. Hello everyone... I am 22 year old girl..
    I study electrical engineering.
    Lately my studies are going through a mess.
    I cannot concentrate on my studies because i have spend all my energy focussing my reboot and developing other helpful habits like meditation, cold showers and a lot of spiritual activities...

    As a result i haven't been able to study like i should have
    Basically i am fasting this month from dawn till dusk... It have introduced a lot of good habits.. It I feels great and my emotional heath has improved a lot...

    But i don't get time or energy for studying . From 10am-5pm i am at uni then i am too tired of opening a book ..
    Beside preparing for my uni monthly exams i also have to side by side prepare for competitive exam that includes 4 hours watch online coaching lectures and practicing numericals everyday.... This schedules is too difficult to carry about...

    My priorities leaving MO and inculcating good habits but not at the cost of my studies...

    Your help or suggestions will be highly appreciated :)
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    I suffer from the same problem , and maybe worse , the reason my addiction started was because of my studying(a big part of my studying involves using the internet )so i am always on my tablet or laptop
    The best recovery i had was when i was focusing on recovery and not studying but that only lasted for 3 days when i was free and i didn't have a lot of studying.
    It is a real problem because i must study but i also must stay clean and focused
    It’s hard at first but sometimes i get used to it.
    I also study engineering and i am fasting so i really get what u r going through .
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    You going through a lot. Believe in Allah. It will protect you when it is exam time. Have faith. Work smart. I have been pushing to pass my exams too. They are close. And I got all these nasty thoughts of what I have been doing with girls... Forget about everything and concentrate on your well-being. You matter. Fuck everything else. I am planning months further than my exams. Be sure that with the help of Allah this you are getting it. No worries for you. It has got you in its hands... Nothing can happen.
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  4. Happy to see that I am not alone...
    I know this is very hard but I think I will concentrate on leaving the MO habit first and I will leave studying to God ....
    Because this month is sacred in my religion and i have to focus on improving my relationship with god and my faith.. Well I will study for uni exams but I will stop preparing for competitive exams for this month ....
  5. Thanks brother .... May allah bless you ... I want to change my MO habit, focus on developing new habits that will prevent relapse.... I dont want to ever fall back into this trap... And engage in lot of spiritual activities this month... I will prepare for uni examination but will start preparing for competitive exams from next month in sha Allah.... Thanks for the advice...
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  6. Sam1996

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    That’s a good plan. U need to prioritize what’s more important to you so u would have a very clear image of your path without distractions.
    I wish u the best of luck in your journey and your exams.
    Stay strong .and may god be with us all in our journey .
  7. Amen... Thanks means a lot..
    All the best for your journey as well :)
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    I'm glad to meet siblings here. It means we are working to become better as an umma, one by one. Don't give up, it's a slow process but every day is a victory. We have it so easy this month, you know why :)
    My little advice: if you feel bad and feel like giving up, focus on why you want to give up. Is there something in you going on that needs attention? For me it's social anxiety and some emotional issues I'm working on. I can see the problem and I'm working on it.

    May Allah guide us all.
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    Meditation brings our thoughts and feelings into a peaceful balance. Why does she not help you?
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  10. I won't give up no matter what ...
    I am right now focused 100% on rebooting and managing emotional issues that could lead me to relapse... But because I am focused on entirely building new habits and focusing on streak and fasting i don't get the time and energy for studies... This is bothering me but i will leave this to Allah and make quitting M my topmost priority
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  11. I meditate daily.. :)
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    Hey there, fellow nerd ;)
    Well, you already know what you have to do. Drop meditation, cold showers and the many other "spiritual activities." You cannot have it all. Your reboot is actually the only thing that will help with your studies, because it will clear your mind and save the time you would otherwise spend with fapping/ shlicking.
    I know it's hard, but I also had to give up many of those things in order to pursue the things I really desired.
    Yeah, it has improved, until you fail your exams and experience an identity crisis. Grab a nice sandwich when you're hungry and get back to studying :)
    Life can be that simple, OP.
  13. Thanks for the reply... I highly appreciate your response and understand your point in prioritizing my studies which i will hopefully do
    But I can't drop the spiritual habits as it is sacred month in my religion .. And i am somewhat religious person...
    But Ya i will definitely cut off other habits or reduce their duration to focus an my work like i did today :)

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