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  1. i am not able to get my life on track , i do procrastination(my study) all day watching yt video on nofap comedy and anything that i can found and do nothing , this increase the chance of my relapse and i relapse, which make me more procrastinate and this create a cycle . due to this i am not able to do study related assignment and project . one week pass and i did nothing

    help me
  2. Help yourself, your gunna fall behind, aim to be the best and you might make it.
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  3. Buddhism Is True

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    The matrix has you.
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  4. nrsl

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    Nobody will help you here. Only you are able to help yourself — get down to business.
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    Set alarms for every thirty minutes and remember how terrible you feel for wasting time. Be devotional to your cause and you won't fail.

    The path is there, but others can only point the way. You must walk on your own.

    Best of luck.
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    I have the same problem can you become my AP.
  7. i am ready but i will only contact you using this website as i am student .
  8. breaking-myths

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