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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Buzz Lightyear, Mar 31, 2017.

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    I DO agree with you in THIS sense: We DO have different challenges than Fapstronauts in relationships. And even then, different issues between those who are dating and those who are erm not having much luck there. (E.g. people on the loneliness part and people on the dating part, for e.g.) I was gonna say there IS a 40 plus section, but, sure, there might be mostly guys (and, yes, it DOES seem to be guys on there) who ARE in relationships.

    And, yeah, most no fapper women seem to be in relationships too ha ha. But that's OK with me. Sometimes I feel a bit like an odd one out, but I really appreciate everyone's support here, regardless of status and gender.

    Anyway, I wish everyone the best on their NoFap journey and hang in there.
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  2. Bruh, there is a separate woman's forum. I already linked to it. That must be super triggering for you but stay strong.
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    Guys can be used as gentral neutral. Buzz lightyear initially stated "there is no group for single males", as in present tense, it does not exist right now, which is true, but of course there is also no group for single females either. So I did not realize he was saying there should be a group for single men only, 2 different threads going on here. Buzz, probably would have been better if you used "single males" in your title instead.

    I agree with Tesslynne, definitely the minority seems to be single.
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  5. OK well we both know people don't always follow directions. And actually, it's a place for women to go. Not just journals. Thanks for pointing that out, needs updating @[email protected]
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    This forum is reserved for women's reboot journals. We can discuss the need to expand or segment into more specific areas but as it stands no updating is necessary.
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  7. glad to hear it thanks Jen
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    As a single hetero guy (30s for what it's worth) I don't personally see a need for such subforums.

    If the world revolved around me, there would be a simple Bro-Quest forum as a kind of quarantine for people to talk about 'friendzones' etc, and a subforum exclusively populated by users male/female/straight/gay/trans/married/single/whatever whose stories and accounts I find interesting or helpful. Unfortunately, the world does not yet revolve around me.

    Seriously though, going from my experience of what has been useful to me here, I can't agree, because I've found too many insightful contributions from people outside of my demographic, and I've equally found many contributions from people within my demographic that I really struggle to relate to.
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