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    Hello guys.
    I have watched for the past two years alot of hypnosis videos about sissy slave stuff. Now I dont get hard or even get attracted to a woman unless she slaves me or insults me in a very nasty way. I want this to stop but i dont know how. Shiuld i watch movies for anti sissy??? What do i do? Please help.
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    Step 1 take a deep breath, there is a way through this. But your path will not be the same as all others.
    Step 2 go full PMO. Looks like you will need a cold reboot, so if you are doing anything like weed, I'd really suggest dropping that too. No more messing with your dopamine/reward circuits.

    Consider 'dopamine detoxing' as some consider their ideas around such notions.

    Your mind will go nuts, and perhaps reading things like, well, I'd suggest Richard Grannon on youtube and his 'toxic passivity' Manly P Hall and his stuff on will and depression. Perhaps to get a better grasp on your root issues that helped lead here. Seneca as he was a Stoic. Aurelius - what a gift it is to be alive.

    Perhaps consider various tricks of self management, ie 'remembering to forget', you remember the last moment and thus create this moment, and we also excel at forgetting, using that mechanism we can *sometimes* short circuit nagging sensations like addictions. Or perhaps a Stoic-al future visualisation and affirmation, affirming that no matter how you are disturbed you will not permit that disturbance to shape your mind and response, perhaps even use that to plant a positive response or effective self redirection. It can help to 'build a psychic wall' against dopamine driven behaviours, it won't hold by it self, but can help you start to make it take longer before you break, and then longer, and then .. one day you can get longer and longer streaks of some freedom.

    However long its taken to get here, means that you can expect it to take time to resolve it.
    You likely will stumble, do not let that make you feel like you failed or should stop, it is rather a mark of success, and reason to press on. It only happens because you are moving forward (Churchill 'when going through hell, keep going'). There are other times it might feel like you are trapped in a loop - everyday you trying to get out, you are trapped in spiral not a loop, every step moves you closer to out, but the path is long and the sights you see are repeated, because the spiral led you down, but it leads up and out too.
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    I've made a thread on this which can be found in the information section of my profile.

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