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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ac1909, Mar 28, 2018.

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    So lately for about a month ive been subconsciously beginning to watch psubs and more explicit stuff then stopped. i relapsed last monday aand again today but have viewed a lot of stuff on prior days. this starts to happen at night when im in my eoom with my phone and im tired and bored. And the times i relapsed were pure boredom and feelings of depression. I know what i need to do im not asking for help but thenonly thing i do need help with is

    how do i stop the subconscious cycle of STARTING the viewing? Ive had no urges to WANT to watch porn in fact ive been disgusted by it already but somehow i find myself just searching and wathing and fter q while i start to get aroused. its something my porn brain knows it can go to when i as a whole am feeling tired depressed bored af or similar feelings. i almost go into autopilot with no want to PMO. i feel stupid these last two times cuz im like “i didnt even want to do it” yet i did

    please comment i youve felt this way and how i could stop doing this. I truly believe i can handle my urges and my thoughts well, despite them being strong sometimes but its just that autopilot mode when im not doing anything.
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    In my experience, @ac1909, as recovery tills the earth of our being, the blades of sanity dig deeper and deeper into our subconscious - aerating and clarifying all that had once been buried in darkness. With time, this begins to shorten the reaction / stop time you mention above. Eventually one becomes able to halt the cycle well before it really kicks in.

    In other words, keep at this. Keep giving it everything you've got.
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    Since I recently reset, here's what was working for me (when I did it): when I felt the "subconscious" urge to look, I would open up a bible app I have instead and start reading. Just reading (because I don't want to be all in-your-face-look-how-Christian-I-am because I'm not that kind of guy). Reading the bible calmed the raging beast below my belt rather effectively.
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    Im really glad you mention that i need to do the same i appreciate it
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