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    I realized one of the key factors to looking at porn and webcam girls is boredom.

    These past few years, I have tried many hobbies and activities. However, most seem to have a steep enough learning curve where my effort does not necessarily reflect progress. Some hobbies include: playing the guitar, basketball, long distance running, poker, and billiards. I still like those things, but I'm not great enough to truly enjoy the activity.

    At least with porn, I never really compared notes with anyone. Everything I do, I act alone. Thing is... there is nothing that really tells me I am not good on acting on my lust. I remember I've spent countless hours looking for pictures and videos when I was in my 20s. I don't have as much time in my 30's and I don't want to go back dedicating pointless hours to something that is capable of getting me in trouble.

    Is there any hobby that has a thrill which will go easy on me even if I am not the greatest?
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    Well, the best one I found (although I can no longer do it) was badminton. I don't know what country you are in and what the facilities are locally. I am English and there are many spots halls that have the badminton courts marked out. You can get a decent racket and a number of shuttlecocks for a reasonable price (I would get the best racquet you can afford).

    You may have some mates you can invite to play. This adds a social dimension as an additional benefit to the exercise. :) Alternatively, you can go along to one of these places and enquire if they have a mixed ability groups that play together.

    You can play singles or doubles. I started with singles and thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Later, I played doubles and found I loved it even more. There is more strategy with doubles and you have to work together to out-score your opponents! :D

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