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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jake2104, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Jake2104

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    I wanted to write this as this community gave me huge support on my journey back to reality.

    I wanted to share a few things that worked for me and give those of you who need support and motivation some advice.

    Around 18 months ago I made the decision to completely remove all poison from my life-both in the physical and digital worlds.

    I cannot tell you how much more alive I feel.

    The absolute key is to stop or at the very least severely limit masturbating and stop using pornography. It's filth and it will warp your mind. You will be unable to appreciate another human being, let alone have a normal relationship with someone, If you carry on down this path.

    Here was my regime:
    -Nofap (hard mode) for a year,literally cold turkey.
    -Gym three times a week at least, weights and cardio
    -Balanced nutrition including dense protein-steak, eggs etc, whole milk.l
    Your body needs fat and protein to thrive, it can manufacture carbohydrates, ensure you are eating a BALANCED diet.
    -Supplement with L-arginine, 5HT and L-tryptophan
    -Get out of the house and get involved in life. DO NOT get hung up on sex/PE/ED It really isn't a big deal, honestly and the most important part is finding a girl you can get to know and be comfortable to relax with.
    -Relax. Forget what porn brainwashed you with. Life is out there waiting to be taken by the horns. Nothing is a big deal.
    If you don't feel comfortable that's a sign from your body that this is not the right person-move on.

    Within 18 months you will see changes on your outlook, dating prospects, career. Everything.

    Get serious, get the girl and stop sitting in front of the screen.

    I wish you the best and have big faith you'll all be successful. I believe in you.

    Your buddy,
  2. Thank you for your message! Keep it up!!
  3. Varg

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    Congratulations, you are the man!!
    When you felt that your sex drive is back ?
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  4. Fenix Rising

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    Hey Jake, congrats! 18 months of hardmode is an amazing achievement. Can you please tell us how long have you been addicted and how bad was your PMO habit? Also, did you have any sex encounters during these 18 months?
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  6. ramiman

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    Congratulations, brother you are the best
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  7. Jake2104

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    Took around 6 months but it's a dynamic process. Will not happen overnight and your brain is plastic so the more you incorporate normal, healthy behaviour into your life the quicker the journey will likely be.

    To everyone who responded many thanks, you are in my thoughts and I know you will all find the happiness you are looking for.

    I had two years of failed attempts, don't beat yourself up and keep pushing yourself. One day you will see masturbating as something completely unnecessary in your life.

    By not masturbating, your testosterone levels will sky rocket, sex drive will increase and just being a healthy attractive virile man will put you miles ahead of the pack.

    Most people don't gym, don't look after themselves. That's not you. Your life is a gift. Go out there and celebrate it.
  8. Jake2104

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    It was a long time and this digital wasteland humans have created essentially made me terrified of the real deal. I cannot tell you how important it is to get off social media, insta whatever as all it does is indoctrinate and reinforce the superficial attitudes displayed in pornography.

    It's artificial, not real. These corporations are relying on you getting addicted. They are making willing slaves out of lonely young men and women and tearing apart communities to make a profit.

    The moment I understood that manhood size, premature ejaculation etc is all constructed by these scumbags to make you feel worthless is the moment I turned my back on the metaphorical saccharine. Simply don't care what these corporations are trying to tell you.

    Flip them the bird then live today like it's your last day on earth.
  9. real_tywin_lannister

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    Congratulations dude!
    I am trying hard to reach the 90-day goal but it seems almost impossible.
    On my first attempt, I reached 28 days but then couldn't hold on as I was practically unable to do any activity that needed brain power. After that I have failed(no porn only fapped) 3 times each with duration of 14 days. The issue I face is pain in balls and brain fog or unable to concentrate on studies etc. So I keep yielding. Today is my 9th day and every day is a battle.
    Did you faced any of that?
  10. Varg

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    Thank you, you gave me a hope :)
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  11. arkad1

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    That's amazing, thank you, i needed this.

    Have you ever relapsed in those 18 months (even just a single time)? Either with masturbation, or porn, or both?
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  12. Fenix Rising

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    Thank you man, great advise. I agree 100 % with everything you've written. Much love to you.
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  13. Berlin2019

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    Hi man,

    Thank you for your beautiful words. I would love if you will share more about your process..

    strong words man this is where i get my drive ! thank you ! don't stop. It will be a lot more better ...
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  14. SirErnest

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    NoFap Defender

    One of the best threads I have seen on here.
    I appreciate your clear, inspirational words and the fact that you want to help others. I'm a little fired up!
    Good man.
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    how old are you if you dont mind me asking kind sir?
  16. Powerous

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    Congrats bro, your tips are good especially working out, meditating and 5htp these are saviours when it comes to withdrawals.
    Stay strong.
  17. Wheelerwalker

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    Lol me and you would be great friends. We see eye to I myself am approaching 500 days of nofap. I myself also eliminated all social media platforms after I noticed how my brain reacted to them. I focused on the gym and life its self and even took on reading... keep it up.
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