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    Warning possible triggers !!!!!
    I made this account just to tell my story and I gotta say continue the fight I’ve never been an overly sexual person maybe because I’m too much of an introvert so I would watch porn because I use to never get out there with females and I’d be watching extreme stuff like bdsm and lezdom etc.. and never in my life did I realize how much of an effect it had on my life till I was with a woman in my early 20’s and I couldn’t get to business my d*** wasn’t as hard and it would just flop down then the whole quarantine happened I got a tinder hookup and again wasn’t really doing anything this is when I found out about PIED and at 1st I was extremely skeptical like how’s that possible no way we use to laugh and joke about yanking one out so I stopped watching it for about 10 days HOWEVER I was still edging I’d purposely play with my d*** just to see if it can get hard that would later end up having me watch porn or relapse DONT DO THAT so 2020 ended and I had a goal stop watching porn I started off strong but the urges kept coming back so Id occasional MO I got a tinder hookup after like a good a month my buddy wasn’t still reciprocating so I failed it wasn’t till this past month where everything changed
    Another failed sexual encounter had me at an all time low so I said f*** it I’m tired of this NO MORE !!! so I decided to “give hard mode a try” NO NOTHING I just refused to watch any P MIND OVER MATTER aside from peeing or showering or the occasional readjust I’d leave my buddy alone it got to a point I had a wet dream that s**** was crazy lmao I was like I haven’t had one of these since I was like 14 so then like the outlier that I am I’d do my research on the forums and they said “that’s part of the healing process and ITS NOT A RELAPSE LOL” the amount of questions I saw on Reddit about that is shockingly hilarious but not a joke because this effects a lot of people so after a good 35 days of abstaining guess what
    I GOT IT ON LMAO with a beautiful woman LISTEN fellow fapstronauts YOUR HAND IS NOT BETTER THAN A WOMAN !!!!! READ THAT AGAIN IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND this past 30 days have given me such a clear mind that I actually have felt the “benefits” I have such a clearer mind and positive outlook/energy my mind isn’t foggy and I have flatlined !!! That’s real I think after my wet dream for about a week cuz it was like shriveled cuz of how HUGE the dream was lol.....Ik I’ve written a lot and some of y’all don’t wanna read it all but for your sake lemme say this after a certain age porn becomes dead okay and Ik it feels good trust me lmfao but you know what doesn’t feel good is when your partner thinks there ugly or aren’t attractive because you can’t keep your hand out of your pants IM DONE WATCHING PORN ITS POINTLESS NOW !!! Wow you came to a guy f****** a girl that such a beta thing to do BE THE MAN you want to be...... granted idk if my particular situation is more pied base or more performance anxiety cuz I don’t have a lot of sex but you’ll think differently and this goes to all of you.... know what you want I’ve learned over this past 30 days how sex doesn’t really mean anything to me but it’s the intimacy and company of another person with me that turns me on and when we make love ITS ON !!!!.... you can be great just gotta trust yourself I’m going for 90 and beyond and when someone ask me do I watch porn guess what imma say H*** NO that S****LAME
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