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    Hi, I am hereforthefun. I would like to read positive stories about your healing progression during this long and arduous battle that we are all fighting.

    Like many of you, I found out too late that I am addictive to a dangerous sexual habit. The excessive use of pornography to reach orgasm and fulfil sexual fantasies has brought unintended consequences to my physical and mental health. If that was not enough, it is also damaging my long-term relationship. Just another familiar story in our community.

    At this moment and time, I suffer from PIED. My libido continues strong, but I no longer can perform well during intercourse; However I am a very positive person, and I believe we all can win this fight.

    To help me and all other fellow strugglers, I would love to hear positive tales of acceptance, perseverance and success from the veterans of 'war'. Nothing like real positive stories to fuel the determination and positive attitude of us rookies.

    Unsure of what to say? Here are some ideas:

    - Tell us about when you understood and accepted you had a problem.
    - Tell us about the small wins you had during the struggle.
    - Tell us about your victory.
    - Look back and gives us a reflection from the past in with a positive light.

    Thank you in advance and be positive!
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