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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. i was rly hyped. i read about guys osing their virginities and getting gfs. i thought that if i invested all my energy in self improvent i could b like them.

    but after all this time, i realized that it was just coincidental, just a matter of luck. i did manage to get lots of benefits like mor energy, more dexterity, more abilities but tbh, the only thing that matters, not just for you but for society as a whole, is to get laid ad that is something out of your control.

    nofap made me realize that getting laid is not meant for me, il never had a success story, i m fated to be some forced to be asexual weirdo.
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  2. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you'll meet a girl who is sort of an asexual weirdo and hit it off. And maybe you won't have that much sex or just be friends, but it would be a relationship.

    What you described is the standardized narrative of what it means to be successful with this stuff. Society as a whole of course tends to buy into the generic story about what to strive for. Though a part of is biological we don't have to be another generic success on the assembly line.
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  3. thats not a relationship, thats nothing rly. you can find a gay man and be with hi without having sex and it will be the same
  4. LetsGetStarted

    LetsGetStarted Fapstronaut

    Maybe it is coincidental maybe not. But you also have to invest energy and time in it! NoFap alone is not a cure for your virginity, it is a cure for possible pied but it is a means to lose your virginity. You could always get a hooker if you are really desperate right?
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  5. Baller123

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    But the question is did you use that extra energy and dexterity to improve yourself as a man, i.e. improve your communication, humor, health, be more outgoing etc. Because doing those kind of things will get you laid. But if you just observed you had more energy and did nothing with it, you can't expect to a woman to just walk up to you and ask you to do the deed with her.
  6. why is this site obsesse dwith hookers? if hooker were a solution men wouldnt kill themselves ove rnot getting laid. ER type of ppl wouldnt exist lol. fucking a woman that doesnt like you is a form of rape. prostitution is also criticized by both feminism and religion. how selfish and sick do you have to be to consder it healthy?
  7. yes i did those in fact. i even joined a band and did live shows. all i met was mongoloid incel weirdos.
  8. LetsGetStarted

    LetsGetStarted Fapstronaut

    Well people also differ in cultures obviously. I live in the Netherlands and hookers are legal and give you the night you want. It is their job and they decide if they want to do it. As a matter of fact the police always checks up on the women in brothels etc once a week. So yeah are you sure it is rape? Maybe in some cases, but as I said it differs per country.

    Feminism is also exaggerated nowadays. And I am an atheist.

    I am also not saying it is healthy. You should get a relationship, but in order to get one you should work on yourself, NoFap alone isn’t going to get you a girlfriend mate.
    But as you said if you really want to get laid, be it a girl or a boy. You could always get a hooker if you are really desperate.

    My advice to you (as you don’t want a hooker) : Relax, take your time, if you don’t believe in NoFap then don’t but don’t come crawling back once you experience PIED when you finally get laid. Take it slow and work on yourself.
    You know what they say: ‘every pot has its lid’

    The best of luck.
  9. its rape since the woman doesnt produce attraction chemicals. hookers are just make believe lol. its they pretend whioe they secretely hate you and probably hate themselves as well.

    look man, i get this ok. but im not lucky and if there was one girl that liked me, god would have helped me mee ther.
  10. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Not everyone is after sex in society. Many still look for higher things in life. Just society leaves that impression that sex for everyone when in reality everyone is different.
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  11. i dont like this concept of "higher things". nothing is higher than anything else and its arbitruary anyway. for some, health is important, for some is sex, for others its money. i dont like it when poeople degrade one thing like sex in your reply. i have several accomplishments in my life but i would trade it all for some "lower" sex with a girl i like.
  12. Rohan19891989

    Rohan19891989 Fapstronaut

    Man Sex is not the only things and If you thin sex is every thing than you are wrong .Thinking about sex means your mind is still attach to old habit where you think about sex only.You need more time to get rid of sex thinking.
    I am not sure what do you think sex is do you think it's only PIV?.Man for every one doing nofap is different but doing for nofp for only sex !!!! Try to find love and happiness man ,sex is love's other expression.
  13. i dont care baout your opinion tbh
  14. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    When you get older you look for things that touch soul not genitals. If you want sex with the girl you like then you are not just looking for the mechanical act but also want love. It seems like you are empty and need love.

    People love is conditional and always sooner or later disappoints. God's love is unconditional and are already there - we just need to open up our heart for Him to receive it. Let me tell you that I won't trade love from God for love from people.

    Good news is that God loved us so much that He gave His only Son so that anyone who believes in Him(Son Jesus Christ) won't disappear. If you want to believe in God and Jesus then I can help you. If you rather choose emptiness and other lying religions then I can't help you.
  15. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    I guess it depends on whether you consider sex to be the only criteria. What I said is not *that* much sex, not no sex at all. And whether there is any emotional benefit, I can understand if that seems to be a non-factor if it is completely divorced from sex but that's not true of everyone, even if it is for many.
  16. look, if you express sexual interest in a girl and she doesnt reciprocate, she will probably cut contact with you for the better
  17. Maybe you just ought to PMO.
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  18. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    I'm not even trying right now because my life is too busy, but there may be a girl expressing an interest in me though if that's what it is it's not even that serious yet. It's a bit hard to tell in a kind of touchy feely culture around here though so I'm just not going to jump to conclusions. I can't invest my motivation in one possibility whether it's rebooting or anything else in life anyway.
  19. muhagg

    muhagg Fapstronaut

    NoFap is not some magical that will make you a fuckboi. If you are doing nofap for that reason then you should stop.A girlfriend should just be a supplement to an already good life.And what if you failed many times a lot of as fail but it doesn't matter as long as you learn from failure. We all failed many times and yet we keep fighting.

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