Success story of a person not even close to success – a year in NoFap community.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by newbobido, Jan 1, 2022.

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    I’m 30 years old, and oh boy was I (and still am) addicted to porn.

    I used to PMO 4-8 times a day, every day. While serving in the army, I got caught in guard duty PMOing while my gun was thrown in the corner and almost went to army jail for it. When I was in university my grades plunged because I couldn’t stay an entire 90 minute lecture without leaving at least once to go to the bathroom to PMO while looking for porn of girls that would look like girls from my class. And of course, that made talking to girls in my class almost impossible. I got fired from my job because I would spend like an hour and a half every day in the bathroom pretending I had diarrhea while PMOin (I wish I was joking).

    And to top it off I was severely depressed and kind of on the verge of suicide for years, and this addiction had ruined my relationship with my girlfriend at the time.

    For years I’ve been trying to quit porn by myself. I tried asking my friends for help, use porn blockers and everything else I could come up with and nothing worked. At best I stay clean for three days and then I would binge for HOURS and days.

    Two years ago, I started an intensive therapy session and started taking anti-depressant pills and It saved my life. If you feel like there is no hope, tell your inner voice to STFU and go to therapy, life CAN be amazing (if you put in the work to get better). last year I’ve joined NoFap, both talking to accountability partners and participating in the Lord of The Ring Challenge. And after reading tips for people who can’t even get to 1 week and see the counter as a way to feel even shitter. I started a new strategy, I simply got a calendar and put a great big red X when you have a good day and a black line for every PMO session that you do. That is it.

    So my best strike is still only 24 days. But who care! I’ve gone from PMO 8 times a day every day to having mostly red X across every month.

    I’ve counted the days, and for every day that I have watched porn I have about three days that are clean. This year was so good that I’ve worked things with my girlfriend (now she is my wife). I’ve found a job after two years of unemployment and I have full confidence in myself that next year would be even better. My goal is to have at least two months clean but more importantly I want to have a 1 to 5 days ratio for clean days.

    I feel like people sometimes forget that the counter is only a tool and not the goal itself. Having the power to stop at one or two PMO sessions in a day and not have a full 6 hours of binging is still a huge improvement for our lives and that can give us the power to become better and better. So for everyone who never made it a week without PMOing, just switch tactics and don’t give up.

    Happy new year.

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    That's a great improvement!
    I need to find an Accountability partner. The few ones I had gave up nofap.
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    Congratulations. How are things now with your wife? I mean emotionally and sexually?
    Are you able to have sex?
  4. Well done man
    You doing good , as i am 18 now i started nofap 1.5 year ago by age of 16.5 i started nofap i was deeply addicted for 4-5 years and ruined my life all that time when i was kid people loved me after pmo addiction no one loved me even my parents started to hate me i know u have been more and more deeply addicted but from my own experience you can stop being addicted even by 20-30 days streaks
    My first streak which went amazing 43 days was very hard because first 20 days i felt like my di*k will be crazy for one peek but I didn’t anyway i did streaks like 40-50-60 days and my addiction streak by streak went farer as now i am no more addicted to pmo I continued streaks 30-40-50 days untill i made a one 130 days which was my longest streak and this streak day 109 which i will make it +500 days so if you continue streaks then streak by streak or time by time your addiction will go away from you
    This was from my experience
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  5. + NoFap is not enough u said u were relapsing 4-8 times a day which means you used mobile a lot i suggest you start a digital detox for at least 7 days and a sugar + junk food detox also build ew habits try to workout and not be onsocial media anymore
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    Great success story, my friend. You're absolutely right that the counter is only a tool, and it doesn't reflect real progress. I really like the calenders you show, it's a wonderful visualisation of the great progress you've made in 2021.

    Good luck and keep up the good work! :)
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  7. multiple times in one day? dang! do not do that, unless you want to feel like crape.. lol.

    Good though man. Remember to look forward too and not just backwards. Even with that said, look how neat your x's got in october. You had the mind of a philosopher.
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